Wednesday, January 17, 2007


A Sad Anniversary

Bosnia Vault Jan 17 2007

I had forgotten the date, but I remember well about the event, seeing it on the news made me angry. I began lobbying actively for intervention in BiH somewhat before that time. I remember being really angry with people who accused the Bosnians of shelling themselves etc.

BBC story on Markale Massacre

Article on Markale Massacre

An interesting source of films, Markale isn't the only little film in this set, they are not watchable, there's reviews of them I think one sends for them.

I haven't read the articles you linked to yet; but I didn't even realize that it was the anniversary of the shell attack. It is sad that the (false) allegation that the Bosnian side shelled themselves on that day is still so strongly adhered to by some.
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