Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Molly Ivins is dead

Molly Ivins died today, it was announced on NPR, for those of you who live overseas and haven't heard of her, she was a very funny woman who wrote satire about Texas and the United States political scene.
I had the privelege of meeting her when she spoke for a dinner the Washington State ACLU held. Because I do not have a credit card and back then you could not use your bank debit card like a credit card to reserve things like dinner tickets, I had to stand in line and pay $10 to get in. A number of people were in the same fix, anyway she had to go to the ladies room before speaking and went by us, and a couple of us girls decided she needed pumping up before the speech,so when she came back we began doing this typical cheerleader jumping around deal shouting at the top of our lungs 2 4 6 8 Who Do We Appreciate ?!! MOLLY MOLLY YEAH MOLLY!
To fully appreciate this, let me describe the attire, one woman in sort of Punk New Wave attire, myself in a silk sari, a guy in a Pink Floyd T-shirt, Molly Ivins came up to us and shook all our hands, and patted me on the head, and we all told her, 'We all love you Molly!'
She was suffering from cancer, and had suffered a relapse. She had to cancel out on the yearly cruise held by The Nation. A friend of mine always goes, that's how I know she'd taken a turn for the worse.

Tribute to Molly Ivins

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