Monday, January 15, 2007


Martin Luther King Day

The march usual in Yakima on this day is different, the route is from 6th ave to the Convention Center, it used to be from downtown to Davis High. This means I can more easily walk to the begining of the march and therefore will do so.

It's been really cold but there hasn't been more snow yet. I imagine we'll get some, it was like 8 F or something else ridiculous last night. I am grateful for the Hudson's Bay blanket! The Hudson's Bay blanket is not in a particularly 'Indian' design, it's in a strange aquamarine color, and has the label. I've known people who don't know what a Hudson's Bay blanket is, those people don't know how to
This is my crappy lead in for a story about this strange fact....

No Snow in Moscow

Snow a disaster in mid America

and there was a brief story on Northwest Public Radio about the fact that Russian Thistle, Tumbleweeds for all my readers in Rio Del, the winds around Eastern Washington have been herding the tumbleweeds into fences, walls, etc. People have needed to burn them, they are thorny so you need a metal pitch-fork and something to set them alight. The tumble weeds caused an oil spill at Hanford, the place America stores nuclear waste. The tumble-weeds piled up against the tank and their weight tipped the tank over. How is that for wierd?

I include this because it's just too wierd not to include.

Hey you boss type people out there, I am not sure all that many bosses read my blog, but if you do...there's a study out there that a more diverse workforce will make more money for you! I could have told them that from my experience working various places. It's not just diversity of race, ethnicity and customs, it's also not forcing people into the corporate box. When I was forced into such boxes, I was just annoyed enough that I probably didn't do my best, even when all other things were equal.

Diversity Story

for those of you worried about KARNIVORE, this is an Iranian news source.

Bosnians help rebuild school in Bam, Iran

Sarajevo War Crimes Trial

Leader of Party in Serbia Ready to Sign Independence of Kosovo in Certain Circumstances

Croats Serbs rumble at tennis match,23599,21061803-1243,00.html

Melbourne has an ethnic hate problem,23599,21061150-2,00.html

Extreme Right Solidarity,1518,459793,00.html

A couple stories I want are behind a paywall, I'll get to them when and if they cross the payline.

Bam site had disappeared. theyt've probably got so many Amrikans coming in from your blog to have a look that Ahmedinajad has panicked. Bam seems to have had a particularly rough deal with so many donor pledges not being met.
Bam site worked when I clicked on it from the blog. Could they be blocking stuff from Iran where you are at? Here they don't block much they nust make a note of who is looking. The Bosnians tend to keep their word about stuff.
Well, the Bosnians did have some experience with disasters of this or that kind, did they not?
Great man Martin Luther King!
Yes Bosnians have had sad experience of disaster, all kinds of disaster :(.

BiH's help to places as different as Iran, and the U.S. shows that BiH really is a bridge country, I remember that Bosnia Hercegovina sent people trained in DNA identification to New York after the Sept 11 attacks and also to New Orleans after Hurrican Katrina. Bosnians are now the best in this field and sadly there is always going to be a neccessity for this skill. Even if the human race gets over it's addiction to war, there's going to be natural disaster.

Yes Martin Luther King was a great man, and in the Yakima Gulag we had a great march. This was at one time a really bigoted place, I'd say it's only moderately so now, that most people make the effort not to be bigots. I am including people who I don't agree with about politics in the catagory of people who make the effort not to be bigots.

It takes an effort to think outside the group think mentality.
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