Thursday, January 25, 2007


It's freezing cold here and there's freezing fog

File under 'Global Warming My Ass!' It's really cold here. Yesterday I noted that there's still piles of snow although it hasn't actually snowed and in fact it's been sort of nice outside, cold but sunny. It's been awhile since our last snow. I think the fact that my snow shovel is right by the door, and the ice melt is handy to the door is part of this. If I didn't know just where they were, there'd be some fresh snow.

Tomorrow there's supposed to be some sort of announcement on Kosovo.

One thing that happened recently that hasn't anything to do with the Balkans upsest me very much.

Altercation between Palestinian Students, Football Players at Quaker College

This isn't the sort of environment one expects such an altercation. The three Palestinian students all suffered concussions.

I woke up with a mild migraine, this is a day that I must try not to push myself too much.

If I take it easy, maybe it will be possible to avoid a full blown headache. Obviously the fine print job of going after news needs to wait. There isn't much out there anyway right now. There will probably be more news later.

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