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International Holocaust Day

The usual slogan about the Holocaust is 'Never Again!' but the fact is that genocide did happen again, in many parts of the world. There isn't a lot I can say about it other than genocide should not be happening, as human beings we should have outgrown such evil behavior, but it seems that as human beings we have not.

The problem with supposedly remembering those who died in the Holocaust is that some genocides that NEVER happened are included in the commemoration, i.e. Kosovo, and some that certainly DID HAPPEN, i.e. 600,000 Serbs, Jews and Roma butchered at Jasenovac in Croatia, are not included. I would certainly never wish to take anything away from any of the poor people who were so brutally murdered during WWII, but the whole world rather reeks of hypocricy.
I am not going to deny what happened in Jasenovac for one momemt, or argue numbers. Are you going to stop the denial about Kosovo or did someone need to take you to see the mass graves? I am getting tired of denial on this issue.
Yes, take me to see the mass graves. I'll go anytime anyone cares to show them to me. Do you know the definition -- the NEW US/NATO-inspired definition of a mass grave? What does the very term suggest? Hundreds at the very least, right? Thousands in some cases during the Holocaust. But what is today's definition that is never expressed in any news story -- 7. Seven or more makes a "mass" grave. The term "mass grave" is bandied about willy nilly to keep the public believing that more people died than did, but the new definition is never given in these stories. Even then the factuality of the stories is more often than not questionable.

As for the numbers killed at Jasenovac, I have seen a list of names. I will have to look that up again for people who question the numbers.

In my opinion anyone who kills even one person without a damn good reason, something like defending himself or his family for example, needs to be punished, whatever his nationality. I was among the first to call for the severest of punishments for any Serb who committed an atrocity, wherever that was.

As for Kosovo, even the official figures have been dropped from the incendiary figure of 100,000, which was used for purposes we all know about, down to 10,000, and NOW down to the realistic 3,000 -- three thousand that includes Serbs and Albanians. Three thousand in a civil war. Of course the revised figures, now that the propaganda has already taken hold worldwide, don't get any press. The mission has already been accomplished with the inital lies.

The "genocide" stick is used a little too readily by some who have genocidal blood on their own hands and would like to put over that guilt onto others as well as by those who have opted to sell a story that continues to sell to an ignorant and naive public.

I, too, am getting tired of the lies about this issue, for example the refrigerated truck lies.

Furthermore, I have had conversations with a man who was the American second in command at the very beginning in Kosovo and spent a few years there. He told me that the Americans were well aware of what was really going on there and he showed me his contempt for the Albanians he had observed there, but it will be a long time before the West ever admits the fabrications about that part of the world -- and I am extremely weary of THAT denial.

May all victims of genocide be remembered, sincerely, honestly and with integrity. That includes the Armenians and those at Jasenovac, the first being often left out of commemorations and second always.
I'm going to go ahead and let those of my readers who are from Kosovo debate this with you.
Why? Because you don't know any actual facts yourself although you profess that there is "denial"?

I've debated with Kosovo Albanians before. They use the same deceptive tactics and hysteria that they have been using for 3 decades in their land grab.

I don't know that I'll visit here again -- maybe, maybe not. But your readers will know where to find me.
That's not it, it's because I see you as using the same sort of 'deceptive tactics and hysteria' that you accuse Kosovo Albanians of having. Debating with someone who is going to do that is a waste of time, either way.
As far as whether you visit or not,if you don't like what you see here, no one is making you visit.
One last thing: here's someone who knows how to make a valid argument and who does her homework, someone with integrity and courage.
I see that you are only here to argue, and that you think you are making a good argument by impugning my integrity. That is very lame and fails totally to impress me.

As well saying I don't do my homework is not going to impress me. I get that from Albanians too on occasion, if you read this blog you know that.

If you don't like how I do my blog, you could try doing one of your own.

Here's some links for you. You can go ahead and read them. As far as possible I've gone with neutral sources.

The famous film from space

and before you start in on me about that

probably Serbian civilians in this case, 13 of them, do you intend to be as dismissive of smaller mass graves now?

Then there were bodies which were moved, a technique common in BiH btw

then there's this kind of barbaric behavior, people thrown into wells

German soldiers found mass graves

a blog that has some interesting information

BBC story on mass grave in Kosovo

Bytqi case

and yes it is the U.S. State Department

CBC story on a mass grave found in Kosovo fairly recent find

From Justwatch

over 400 children in mass grave
@Blackbird, btw I have a question,

Furthermore, I have had conversations with a man who was the American second in command at the very beginning in Kosovo and spent a few years there. He told me that the Americans were well aware of what was really going on there and he showed me his contempt for the Albanians he had observed there,
--------end quote-------------

That was slightly sloppy writing on your part, you should say who this man was, and say roughly when you conversed with him.
Anyone can find out who the American was who was second in command in Kosovo in 1999. It's not my job to give out his name because he works in private business now and is no longer active in the military. When did I discuss this with him? In 2003.

I think you can hardly call yourself neutral on these issues, any more than I am, unless you are delusional. Just look at how you accuse me of being in denial -- I can't be in denial if the thing I'm supposed to be in denial about never happened the way it's portrayed. You accept the BBC version of the world, eh? Talk about denial!

I didn't COME here to argue - I wanted to see what your blog was about as I look at as much information as I can find on the Balkans. Unfortunately, I noticed the reference to Holocaust Day, which I was already aware of. Those commemorations are usually a crock used by someone or other with an agenda, and glossing over yet another one by the media in general is unforgiveable. Most Americans, no most people in the world, have never even heard of Jasenovac. It was the 3rd biggest extermination of WW2 and it's never taught about outside the Balkans. As for Kosovo, even the American government who propagated the false 100,000 figures now admits officially that it was 3,000 that died there -- 3,000 too many, perhaps, but it wasn't 100,000 or even 10,000. We're all just pawns of politicians and I'm sorry if I am not making nice under the circumstances. I think, in fact, that I have been very restrained in view of the deliberate misinformation that has been planted all over the place and the complacency and ignorance with which people just accept it as "fact" just because it's on TV or something.

If you want to post lists of links, I can take yours and give you back twice as many that contradict what yours say. I'm already familiar with most of the ones you listed. and that's a game that's easily played. Would you like a list from me? I didn't think so...

Nevertheless,I'll offer you this one that I recently discovered -- a blog of the highest integrity with research to back its claims, and, no, it's not neutral either:

And I do have my own blog.
A number of people could have been described as 'second in command' in Kosovo, in the time frame you gave, and it would depend on if they had to do with the air campaign, KFOR etc, so you see if you are going to be credible you'd have to name names.
When something is a matter of public record their current private life doesn't matter. If you are shielding someone who said some perfectly awful things, then you should not have mentioned it at all. I would love to have seen you at the short end of my last English instructor with this lame nonsense. She'd say 'name names or say nothing about it!' I got that on something in one of my papers, and fortunately was able to name names.
If it would ruin his life, a GENTLEMAN would NEVER having had such a conversation.
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