Tuesday, January 23, 2007


I need to make a retraction, appologies to Barak Obama and of course Hillary Clinton!

Barak Obama Story Debunked


This story is out in a very timely manner. The worst of it is the Byzantine, or maybe Soviet method of trying to set a rift that would cause problems within the Democratic party. I think the people who started the whole thing at Insight Magazine need to be canned like the ones at Time who got canned for putting ME on the cover!

Well, could this be Republican way of discrediting the democrats?!???????
I think that the target wasn't really Senator Obama, I think the REAL target was Sen Hillary Clinton! I noted that she handled her denial of involvement in a totally forthright manner, that does credit to her.

You have to assume that Republicans will try to discredit Democrats and that Democrats will try to discredit Republicans.

In a campaign the first order of business is to discredit those in your own party as being less qualified. I still prefere Bill Richardson to either, but I would vote for Hillary Clinton. I used to have much more doubt about her but the way she handled the denial of involvement in this story impressed me very favorably.

I want to see more of what Obama would do, how well he'd handle himself in general.

He's a good potential Vice Presidential candidate as well as a Presidential candidate.

I'm glad some sort of correction to the other story came out rapidly.

The fact that he lived in a heavily Muslim country is actually a very strong qualification for the job at this point in time, because I believe most of the foreign policy mistakes the U.S. has made in the past have come from a total misunderstanding of the Muslim countries. It has needlessly made us enemies, and a lack of savy about the hard-core element in that community in dealings in both Afghanistan and Central Asia has cost the United States dearly.
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