Thursday, January 18, 2007


Fake Foreigners Presented for your 'Edification'

The foreign man, from some exotic place as a figure of fun has been around awhile, I have posted some of my favorites, my personal favorites for many years have been the Elbonians. I'm sure Scott Adams was up to something here. I like when Wally had to go do a job in Elbonia, still have all that little series.
Balki B. of 'Perfect Strangers' was the most 'Balkans' of the lot, what with the pet sheep named Demetrios, the funky vests, and the dance is really like a production on 'Pink T.V. before there even WAS a Pink T.V.



Ivan Hrvatska

Ali G.


Maher, that guy in Turkey, you know the 'I kiss you guy' Sorry no film of Maher, but he's out there and he's a real person as opposed to these acts that have preceded.

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