Monday, March 20, 2006


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Article in Time Magazine on Milosevic's Passing
I don't knkow a lot about this guy, but he raises some interesting points. There is a Balkans comparison, namely Slovenia, Slovenia pretty much decided NOT to have the IMF in there telling them what to do. That was very intelligent, they are as a result the most prosperous and least troubled Balkans nation. Granted Slovenia has a more homegenous ethinc composition, which has been the case a long time, granted they only had ten days of war compared to ten years of war for the rest of the region, but still, keeping the IMF's noses out of their business has proved very healthy for the economy. Even in Ukraine which had a fairly succesful overthrow of a previous very corrupt administration, I can't say I feel totally confident in their current leadership. I think there's still too many apparatchiks and too many people who got sudden wealth.
Far from the Balkans but still in Eastern Europe...
This article raised some good points...
can one cheat justice by dying?
Sorry I just could not resist the title of this article! The Minutemen are a bunch that gets a lot of airplay on certain radio talk shows.
Minutemen take Civics Lesson From ACLU
Body of Milan Babic Flown to Serbia

AIDS Vaccine developed in Bulgaria and Italy ?

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