Thursday, March 30, 2006


Things have been crazy around here!

At Yakima Gulag People's Institute of Higher Re:Education there will be a teach-in on the proposed new immigration 'reform' laws. It was a real 1960s moment a guy gets out there with a bullhorn and all that to announce it. So anyway I don't have class at that time tomorrow. I'm therefore going.
I had to get out of the math class I was in. Despite Mr. Bill's many 'beatings' I'm not ready for pre-algebra. I am doing some of what people my age call 'bonehead' math, and then I'll be fit for other things. I like the instructor, my son had him and it's mutual, they really think highly of one another. This man really is more of a history or geology guy, but he works at a pace that I can handle and knows his stuff.
Katrina Cottages

NPR has a very good story on the 'Katrina cottages' I wish they'd really go that way, it's CHEAPER than a damn trailer! and built very much better! HURRICANE code, prettier, and all that! They can be put up in a matter of days and aren't disaster magnets! Fema won't pay for them! jebiga! what a stupid law the Stafford act is.

I liked the report on the last wild coffee plants too. Coffee makes my world go around!

Wild Coffee

U.N. trying to help Kosovo Serbs stay See also Vuk Draskovic article same place.

Serbia Agrees Kosovo to be ruled by Albanian Majority

E.U. may ban smoking everywhere!

Serbia's GDP is up
And that's not even counting the 'gray market' or the 'black market'

And just because I'm just a bit geeky...
How to Save a Snowflake! Cool I want to do this sometime!
Blood Cleaner the Size of a Pen This is a real neat bit of technology! I wonder if dialysis is a possible future use?

The Snowflake link goes to the Blood purifier article.
You always give us soooooooooo much to think about!
ooops sorry owen thanks owen! :) i'm not going to change it i'm too tired!
Get a good rest!
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