Thursday, March 23, 2006


Stuff happening...

I told you guys pirated CDs were a major part of the underground economy in the Balkans!
The amount destroyed is probably only the tip of the ice- berg!
Serbia destroys pirate CDs
Montenegrin Cadres will go to Montenegrin Army in Event of Independance

Man who did a lot of good for Romania dies
The flooding in Bulgaria has been quite bad, this year and last and cause of my online friends is from Sliven so Inoticed this.
Landslide near Sliven Investigated

Belgrade persuing Mira Markovic, Milosevic's widow
I could be snarky and ask 'just what do Irish people know about peace!' but that would be mean wouldn't it! The Ceasfire has basicallly held for ten years.
Irish troops for Kosovo

Visa Lines a major hassle for Balkans peoples wishing to leave for a bit

Speaking of which...remember that stupid riot in Dublin?
Some good news
Mad Cow Disease on the Decline Worldwide

I heard a funny story on Faux News too, an older woman heard knocking on her door, and she went to look. She saw an 8 foot long alligator so she called 911. Meanwhile the alligator slipped into a pond in her back yard. A trapper caught the big fellow.
Whew! I thought it was going to be 'Little Red Riding-hood Southern Style.
Then a wierd scam in Bulgaria, selling to Bulgarians Lunar Real Estate. China shut one of these scams down! The office for it is in Plovdiv in case you were curious to check it out.

Pirate and pirate some more I say!

Hell yes the "illigal" CD collection is huge there. Music and software!

I for one despise the "CD" (American or otherwise)industry and am glad they loose millions every year to priated CDs.

In fact I have not and will not buy a CD unless it is pirated.

To hell with those "rich" fucks wanting more money off the public!

KEEP PIRATING! Is my motto!

And I don't care how this soundsto or is taken by "society"!


Hang on. The Republic has been one of the main providers of UN peace-keepers for decades and has as much experience as any. And have you heard the name "Mary Robinson" mentioned anywhere relevant?
@ OwenI was only picking on some of my favorite people! and yes Ireland has been a major and very willihng source of peace keepers who do a wonderful job!

and yes Mary Robinson is cool!
@John, you always put quotation marks where they are not really needed...
I agree that the price of CDs is much too high given the cost of actual blank CDs, and I agree that companies which make them are making too much money, but then in the case of music, the artists should make something off it! The answer might be in more reasonable prices.
Na, I like the quotation marks where they are! hehe!

And yes, a more reasonable price should be set. Until then, though, I say PIRATE away!

Where would you put the quotation marks?

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@ John: on quotation marks, I'd leave them out half the time. the word 'society' didn't need them,the word 'rich' didn't need them 'CD' didn't need them 'illegal' didn't need them. They needed them when I wrote the words here, in order to point out what the words were, but otherwise in what you wrote they were not necessary.
If you wanted to for example point out that something was not really what it was supposed to be, or when you are quoting someone else.

For example:
The man got in line to get on the bus, his 'suitcase' was really an old onion sack crammed with his meagre belongings. "Please you don't need to search" he said, "Because really everything I have in this world you can see easily!"
The customs inspector flicked the onion skins off the desk, and peered at the 'suitcase' with distaste, "Why did you not go to the fleamarket and get something resembling a suitcast then?"
Well I think whatever we think of piracy, it's going to happen. The question is on what scale, and by whom. Serbia is doing a good thing because there the piracy is in the control of gangsters who need to go away if Serbia is to be a stable country with a real economy. Those things are necessary for peace.
Same goes for BiH, Croatia, and anyplace else really.
If intellectual property isn't reasonably safe, then no one wants to invest and so much for business.
Pirate CDs and DVDs are supposed to be one of the main means of laundering cash for organised crime. But the really awful stuff is the counterfeit aircraft parts and things like that.
Lesson well taken!

The gansters will never go away. And as long as the gansters provide a service to the people, well, then more power to them on that point. I'd gladly by a CD from a ganster than from some corporate label. These are one in the same in my opinion. At least I get my money's worth in buying it from the ganster.

In fact, for that matter I'd trust a gangster quicker than some rich record executive or artist.

Sure, gangsters are bad people but, if they provide a service the people want at a lower price, well...perhaps the government should take a lesson on that.

Oh, one more thing - I'm proud of the fact that I contribute to the billions they loose each year!

@ John;you stick up for your views well,and you raise some points which can't be argued againsst entirely! :)! I've had my freedom messed with by both, at different times and have benefited by the mere presence of both at times.
To be honest, corporations arguably mess with the freedom of more people on a daily basis than either government or gangsters.
Either one messes with my freedom too much then they'll piss me off, and I won't like them.
Gangsters usually leave the law abiding who aren't bothering them alone. The ones in the Balkans are not doing that, they kind of got greedy. When that happens it's going to cause reactions like in Serbia.
I only wish it would happen to the corporations a bit more often!
I don't like that when I have a job, my boss can dictate a wide range of my behavior and get by with that, and what I like even less is you or I are the only sorts of people who are going to notice it or be bothered by it enough to even ask a question!
What I like about gangsters is basically if I stay out of their business unlike either the government or corporations they will normally stay out of my business.
No gangster has ever told me what to wear. Government has told peple what to wear and corporations do it all the time.
No gangster has ever asked me to pee in a bottle to get a job, but corporations can do it legally which means the government has permitted it, and what is permitted it's to me like you did it yourself.
John, you are REALLY good at opening up cans of worms! :) I like that about you!
I'm just speaking how I feel, that's all.

It just gets to me so much to see corporate types rich as hell when there are people literally starving, and dying on the other end of the wall.

I can honestly say in 10 years time I'll be one of three things.

1. Dead
2. A rich fugitive on the run
3. In prison

It's just a matter of time, I only hope I'm ready for number 1 or 2, for 3 isn't appealing to me at all.


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