Tuesday, March 28, 2006


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Albanian Crime Boss Busted

Milosevic Tribute Disrupted
The film 'Grbavica' has had one long over-due positive effect! The Bosnian Parliment FINALLY recognised the women
who were raped in time of war as war victims and voted to help them financially! This shouldhave happened immediatly! I am glad at last it did happen. I mentioned earlier what the Algerian government did about women and girls who were raped in their war of independance. For those who don't remember that post and don't care to hunt for it, here is what I said about it. I remember reading of terrible rapes commited by the French troops in that war, and Algeria is a largely Muslim country so the same stigma attaches to rape in Algeria. The Algerian government first of all declared these women as 'Martyrs of the Revolution', the other thing is that they gave such women twice the dowry customary at that time in Algeria for a virgin. The other thing they did was launch a vigorous education campaign aimed at MEN to make them understand that rape, especially in those circumstances is not the woman's fault, that nothing in Islam says that it is, and that such women need husbands and deserve husbands as much as other women who have not suffered this. It was considered a very forward thinking move on the part of the Algerian government and was at the time pretty well publicised. I am glad that finally Bosnia Hercegovina has taken this step, and I think it is ironic in a beautiful way that it was a woman of Serbian ethnicity who helped to make this happen by her forthright, frank and courageous discussion of this subject! Zive Jasmina Karanovic! Que Viva!

'Grbavica Shown in Belgrade

That's impressive.
Great post, I'm planning on writing something on the film myself. Did you see the story in today's Washington Post about the movie? It's quite a good story.
That is the story I linked! and yes it totally makes my day!
Yet another of good posts. Congatulations. And many thanks for your visits to my blog and all your comments!
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