Sunday, March 26, 2006


Sick Jokes Make the World Go Around...

Tastless,tackless , not safe for work...

Tasteless Joke About Slobodan Milosevic and Indira Ghandi This was hard for me to read since I don't really read Slovenian but this joke is simple enough to understand
Milosevic dies,leaves this world and on the other side he meets Indira Ghandi
Milosevic: Give me a little spirit!
Indira Ghandi: I can not, I am the spirit that is left it's people!
Milosevic: Give me a little luck!
Indira Ghandi: I can't I am the luck that is left to it's people!
Milosevic: Then give me a little pussy!
Indira Ghandi: I can't because if I gave taht to you, you are the prick that will leave your people!

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