Monday, March 20, 2006


Server down wierdness ensues...

Your intreped reporter has made it through the Tunel and then zig-zagged down Snajper Alley just to say hi! one of my regular readers said there were ads on my blog, I didn't authorize any ads, what's up with this?
I hope Blogger fixes this mess.

Here's some odds and ends of news;

Milan Babic Will Be Buried in Belgrade

EU Expresses Willingness to Help Serbia

Turkey to Host Meeting Against Terrorism

Murder Case Against Slobodan Milosevic Dropped
Milosevic's Lawyers Seek Medical Files

Argurment over Mother Theresa Bust

Representative Sanches Visites Srebenica Mortuary in Tuzla

Bomb Defused in Kosovo

Well, five minutes ago I got Forbidden again, went on elsewhere and then clicked on Back and here you are in all your glory.
Glory? I'm flattered! :)
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