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Reactions to th e Milosevic Funeral

Mostly notable for the picture of the Serbian female soldier kissing Milosevic's grave.
Some more about Milosevic funeral
Mostly notable for the picture of how the grave is decorated in a Communist era way.
Another persons take on the post Milosevic era
The family was in fact not thrilled with the funeral.
Slobodan Milosevic's daughter did not like the funeral very much

Milosevic's son didn't like the funeral much either

I can tell you that many families fragment for at least a time after a death in the family, grief is an emotion so close to anger anyway, that it's hard to avoid that, the Milosevic family however are out there in public, and they are under scrutiny, so it's going to look very bad. Most people handle all of that grief and anger privately and try to maintain some dignity in the public setting.
OK I read that Mira planned the funeral and to believe the son, she was shaking with rage too. There was a solution, grow a pair and go to the funeral and keep people from turning it into a political rally, however I bet that the Milosevic family did not in fact pay for this funeral.

As well, how is it the reports keep saying Pozaravac is Milosevic's home village if both he and Mira were born in Montenegro? What's up with that? oh I know send a bunch of reporters to anyplace in the Balkans and they will all be confused. STill it's not like there's a huge number of duplicated place names like there are in the U.S.

I agree, grow a pair and go to the funeral.
But, if they did...?

The minute Milosevic went to the Hague, claims on him by family or country were essentially over.

That must make them twice as angry as those of us who are just regular joes.
He doesn't belong to them, he belongs to politics, and the jackels of the media.
He ceased being a real person somewhere around 1994.
Well my opinion was either go, thake the risks of being arrested, or say nothinga bout the funeral one way or the other.
The only member of that family I have any respect left for is Marija, she at least had the guts to shoot at the police when they were arresting her father.
She might still be sort of a real person.
Even she didn't go to the funeral, and like I said, I bet they didn't any of them actually pay for the funeral. It was probably 100% a party do.
It's an interesting point about the claims of family or country being over when Milosevic went to the Hague, to be honest with you, I hadn't thought of it in that way.
He ciesed being a real person back in 1991 or in 1989. Only real thing about SM or any of his family is the impact they had on the lives of anyone that lived in Serbia (and quite a lot of neighbouring countries). He was more dead that day when he was sent to Hague then on day of his funeral, but death means nothing in Balkans. Tito managed to rule Socialist Yugoslavia 10 years after his death.
Well the good news is that the minions who continued his rule eventually have to die, the bad news is the people who raise their kids to be part of the group that belongs to Milosevic.
I saw those little kids in the uniforms with their invalid red beret dad, and it was just sad!
Such lovely children being raised like they already are in a barracks!
I am a grandmother, and the one little boy looks a good bit like my own grandson.
Stane, welcome to the Gulag! :) the rakija is in the fridge, help yourself to some coffee...
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