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Protests on Immigration Law Changes in the U.S. Ongoing..

Children in Los Angeles have continued with their school walkouts. We had one such walkout here in the Gulag a few days ago, but the situation in Los Angeles is begining to remind me of the school strikes by Chicano students back in the 1960s. Few realize how much political change was initiated by Mexican-American people. It's like a hidden history. I have spent some of my college time learning about it, and it's amazing to me how resistant Americans of other ethinicities are to learning about them.
Various Rant Radio hosts have been raising Hell about this in a most inflamatory way.
The good news is the protests are having an effect. There indeed must be something done on the question of immigration in this country, but harsher laws are not the answer. I think part of the problem of illegal immigration is that it is such amiserable process immigrating legally. It has ALWAYS been a miserable process and the September 11th attacks made for a public demand for stronger immigration laws.
I think that reasonable investigation of people wishing to come here is fair, but makeing so much difficulty that it takes some people YEARS to legally immigrate, is not the answer. Instead some people are going to bypass the system.
The long border is still very crossable even if there is a lot of really terrible desert involved at some points. People die crossing.
Paradoxically tighter borders have meant more people from Latin America stay once they are here, because they don't want to go through all the difficulty again whether their entry was legal or illegal. So they stay.
On the other hand, continual entry of people who are willing to work for low wages and no benefits makes it harder for workers here in the U.S.
Easier legal entry might actually help solve that part of the equation. People with rights, who are here legally will be able to hold out for better working conditions.
A lot of these protesters are teenagers, and a lot are even younger. They may or may not know in whose steps they follow.
There is an aspact of the border issue in the U.Sl taht is unique, and that is the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo which prevents a militarized border.
Most Americans know very little about this treaty or how it works. You can't talk to most Americans about this treaty because instead of sitting still to listen they get angry first.

Serb youth stabbed in Kosovo This sort of thing is not helpful...

Branch of European Movement Founded in BiH

From Boing Boing via Warchild'sNew Blog

Albanian Language in Macedonian Schools

French government a mess

Suspect In Murder of Zoran Dzindjic Gives Himself Up

Breaker of Thracian Code Accused of Plagerism I had a link to this story in an earlier post, not hunting for it right now.

Doktor had over 500 cell phone cards

Wrong Croatian Flag in World Cup Handbooks The Croats are not alone, Saudi Arabia for example had the wrong flag in the book, there's fewer than 2000 otu there can anyone say 'Collectors Item'?

That Jasmina Tesanovic article has the real ring of unpleasant truth about it (not that I think she should be sucking sweets in court, but there's disrespect and then there's disrespect).
Even at a trial like that, still people do get hungry! Sometimes it is eat or faint! It could have been worse, they might have been chewing gum!
THere is a very medieval quality about all this all the same...
Back when in the early days of the Milosevic trial, when I watched a good bit of the Hague Tribunal, on the computer by way of, I used to fortify myself by bringing a selection of junk food to the computer and sodas or beer or wine evan rakija, because even though some things in the trial became disgusting, I had to eat at some time and didn't want to leave, I was simply glued to it.
It's just that in the UK if you get hungry you have to pop outside and come back when you've finished - the usher would throw you out if they see you snacking. Of course if she's diabetic then that's a different matter.

I don't think respect for the court extends as far as the far end of your Internet connection! It doesn't surprise me you'd need the rakija to get you through some of the Hague stuff.
hey, Yakima, it's me, Mistress Editor, or to you, Deborah; I just got back to my clubhouse today after a few days absence; I can only access my blog through the computers here right now, because I did a very stupid thing with my computer at home! I discovered it had a virus about a week ago, and couldnt get rid of it, not with Microsoft's help, or my Internet company's help, so what did I do? I put the operating system CD in the computer, and wiped everything out, I mean EVERYTHING!!!! Evem my internet connection! So now I have to have my poor computer taken to a shop and reprogrammed, and the data "mined", or recovered, hopefully, from the hard drive. Don't know how much it's going to cost, but one place said they'd give me a 20% discount because I'm disabled and on a fixed income. Nice, huh?

By the way:

It is sort of strange how that Nigerian warlord Taylor seemed to just conveniently "disappear", didn't it? Just when the Nigerian president was going to meet with Bush about him, aha..... The rumor is that he vanished en route to somewhere, a holding place,apparently, so...what? Someone let him go? He escaped? He was murdered? It's anybody's guess at this point, a very intriguing guess at that!!!
Hi Deborah, they've since recaptured him under wierd circumstances. I really hate that guy too. I wish he was crvena magla!
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