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News From Our Gulag, News from the Balkans

There was a protest of the proposed new immigration laws in the U.S. in our Gulag, students at Davis High School walked out of classes. Mostly Hispanic Students walked out, the police showed up for crowd control. Eisenhower Students also went. Superintendant Soria urged students to go back to class and they will face making up the class time.
The protest resulted in a large crowed in Lion's Park. This was reported on ClearChannel Affiliate KIT.

Stanislas Lem (sic) He was author of 'Polaris' He was born in Poland.

I am catching up on some of my lobbying. I used to subscribe to FAIR. In many ways they are a fine organization, but they have really in my opinion been less than stellar on the question of the Balkans, They made Balkans Witness's Massacre Deniers list, so I sent them an e-mail explaining why I was unsubscribing and unsubscribed.
Someone from FAIR sent me an e-mail, and asked when I felt they had denied the existance of war crimes.

Dear Mr. ///////////: Thank you for having replied to my earlier e-mail! These are a places on your own site which show that FAIR denied at least one massacre, and to put it charitably, the information was not adequately fact checked.
FAIR's article on Racak
Update on previous article
Here is information that whoever wrote the previous two artcles should have consulted before writing.
Human Rights Watch on Racak
Human Rights Watch on Racak
Dr Ranta Interview
Dr. Ranta specifically states that the conclusions

Berliner Zeitung had in it's article were 'nonsense'

I am a person with some training in Medical Billing

and Coding, som reading things like autopsy reports

is a big part of my training. It is very easy to

mis-understand the effort of medically trained people

to remain objective, medical objectivity is a very strict

standard. If one reads what Dr. Ranta had to say,

one can see that the autopsy report was one thing

and the conclusions in Berliner Zeitung were another.

So far to my knowlege, in FAIR there has not been a


I realize that many people at FAIR are ant-i war, is it

possible that someone there decided to be

'consistant' because they fell prey to the loud

non-sense from people like Rush Limbaugh, or

Sean Hanitty or God help us Paul Harvey who STILL

frequently attack former President Clinton for having

intervened in both Bosnia -Hercegovina, and


Or is the problem that someone on staff was

sympathetic to the peculiar vision of history held

by supporters of the late Slobodan Milosevic?

There are a variety of organizations which fed

'information' into the 'alternative' media.

Serbian Unity Congress seems to be a source for a

lot of people commenting on the right wing side,

Pravda seems to be a source of disinformation for

people on the left.

What REALLY bothers me is that people on the

right have been almost word for word parroting the

line in Pravda. I don't expect much better on the left

side, but when massacres and human rights abuses

have been commited, I expect an organization like

FAIR to be objective, and to retract when they are

wrong. I am one person leading an overly busy life,

and I realize that it's easy for an organization to have

just one person lack objectivity skew things, still the

article stuck in my craw a long time ago, and things

like this bother me. It's of a piece with the 'all

Albanians are terrorists and the Bosnian Muslims

were all trained by al Qaida and all Croats are a

bunch of Nazis' type of thinking. It's lazy and beneath

the dignity of an organization which is supposed to be


There is an opposition in Serbia with it's own press. It

might have been useful to talk to some people from

that end of the scale, maybe someone should have

talked to someone from 'Women in Black' because

there are many Serbian people who did not go along

with the war, they were not happy to be bombed, but

they did not go along with the excesses of Milosevic's


I do very much apreciate that you took the time to

contact me!

personally. Not every organization does that.


Katja ///////////

Anyway we'll see what happens. I would urge anyone else concerned with the issue to put pressure on any similar organizations they belong to if there have been similar instances of denial about war crimes.

From Warfare to Wireless in Macedonia
Pink TV expands broadcast area in Montenegro

I do not believe this study, I think it's rigged Especially the bit about people who live in cold climates are smarter, there is NOTHING smart about living in a cold climate!
That sort of rhetoric makes me think of the Eugenics Movement people and it stinks.

EU, UN call on Balkans to Ease Refugee Returns

Bulgarian Nationist Party Supports Laws in Support of the Clergy
Camp Bondsteel is HUGE, I've lived in towns smaller than the base in Kosovo, and I think this may be premature. It's potentially dangerous not only for the Albanians, but for the Serbs living in Kosovo.
From KosovaReport, US to close Kosovo Base and Relocate Troops

It's been several days and I've recieved no response on the e-mail I sent to FAIR. I guess they really don't know how to explain themselves. That or I have made their 's*** list! nekaaaaa! I'll let you all know when I hear anything out of them.

I wish I were protesting with them!

It's a big mistake to make somone a felony simply for wanting a better life for their families.

I've got a friend on that base in Kosovo that is going to be shut down.

He told me last week that this might happen. He siad if it does he will quite, for he doesn't have any desire what so ever to work at the "big" base!

I agree with you 100% on that! I think the problem is that LEGAL entry to the U.S. is way harder than it should be!
We should as a country get realistic about that, and set things up to make it easier 1. for people to enter legally, and 2. to adapt to our way of life in positive ways.
The way it is now puts people through needless difficulty, and creates bad situations for everyone.
I don't blame your friend on that! I was proud of the young people here for being involved enough to do that.
It's actually easier to enter Bosnia Hercegovina or Croatia as an immigrant or long term resident than it is to enter the U.S. that way!
I can't see the link to the article about Stanislas Lem. I wasn't that keen on the story to be honest, but Tarkovsky's version of Solaris is one of my all-time greats.
Living in a cold climate makes the blood more viscous and slows the circulation, the larger brain size may be simply an adaptive response to compensate (sadly unsuccessful in my case).
@ Owen, there was a good reason, it's because there wasn't an article, I heard it over the radio as I was working on the post.
On brain size and cold weather, I wasn't refereing to that, but I can tell you, it is overall so much more work to keep things working in cold weather, that any SMART animal would stay where the climate better suits us. Humans look like they are best suited to a more tropical climate, the hairlessness and all.
Thank goodness we're past the equinox - freezing showers but at least it's a bit warmer than it has been and the days are getting lighter. Humans were made for the light, we should have had at least three eyes.
ok at Owen, the links in the letter were hyperlinked in the letter. I did not do so here for considerations of time, I'll go ahead and do that for your convenience.
Thanks mucho.
Thank you for taking the time to write to FAIR.
Thanks also for the link to Ranta's statement - not that it will change the mind of anyone who already knows better than her what happened.
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