Wednesday, March 22, 2006


A mixed lot of regional news.

Terzic 'Chagrined' by death of Milosevic Read down, he also says that Serbia needs prosperity and democracy in order for nationalism of the kind Milosevic used to be lessened. He's right, nearly every time there's been a dictator who was popular, there has been economic problems which preceded his rise to power.

War of course isn't the only disaster that can befall people, there are 'natural' disasters as well.

Conference on Natural Disaster Preparedness Confrence in Dubrovnik
For example the floods that are a problem in Bulgaria every spring and sometimes autumns, or this in Serbia...
Mudslides in Central Serbia
Bulgarian Roulette
Serbia Overdue handing over Mladic
Eurovision War?
Before anyone starts in on me, the man in question has a name that looks like it's a Serbian name.
Man allegedly tortured by Serbian police
Air Link between BiH and Pakistan now


Prison sex scandal in Bulgaria

And this doesn't have to do with the Balkans but it is very welcome news!

ETA Declares Permanant Cease Fire

To Karl Malden: Sretan vam rodjendan! Carl Malden is 94 today!

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