Tuesday, March 21, 2006


It's again freezing cold here in the Gulag, but no snow...

A Production About Tesla
OSCE Wants Croatia to Involve Minorities in Decisions More

Slobo's Trying Moments in Court

Yesterday a lot of little birds were on my porch. I think they go there to hang out by the door to keep warm. I found their footprints in the snow in February and late January. Sometimes I put our walnut meat for them. They haven't reacted to being photographed, I should have some pictures of them up soon. Probaby I ought to try for video of them. They are very active.

News from the Balkans:
Tje Attacl Party has already been a source of controversy,

Attack Party Against Bases in Bulgaria
Note the sidebar story on flooding in Bulgaria, last year it happened around the time of Hurricane Katrina, and flood relief was similarly bungled.

On the up side the OSCE shares my conclusion that now that he's dead, Milosevic is a spent force. While the crowds were huge, they were not as big crowds as those which went to the funeral of Djindjic, or the funeral of Rugova.
Milosevic death may jepordise handover of Mladic

From Slobodna Dalmacija, Kehoe, one of the legal defense team for Gotovina is not able to participate due to conflict of interest. So far Gotovina has only one defense lawyer.
Kehoe is without permission to participate due to conflict of interest

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