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Here's what happened when it was day in Serbia and night in the Gulag

A Signal Honour Comes to the Yakima Gulag Literary Gazett! Bora Zivkovic at Science and Politics has said this Blog is one of two giving the best coverage on the death of Milosevic. He reads a LOT of blogs, many more than I have time for. The other blog is based in Belgrade, and I had a visit there, and it looks like I'm doing pretty well for being 24 hours away by air give or take...

March 16 2006
Milosevic's Body on Display at the Museum of the Revolution Hundreds Show Respect:

My comments here, Rugova had Nearly a Million people at his funeral! Izetbegovic had THOUSANDS, I know that Tudjman had a decent turnout. Maybe I'm living up to the stereotypes about the end of my family that called the Death and Funeral Notices section of the paper the Sporting News, but seriously, from what I have just heard Sylvia Poggioli report, the funeral sounds badly organized, like the family were still arguing over this and that. The viewing was in the Tito Museum. Granted when Tudjman died, he was still a Head of State, and the one who led Croatia in the final struggle for independance, when Izetbegovic died, he was not a Head of State anylonger, but he was the leader of BiH's struggle. Whatever anyone thinks of either of those men, they did have strong support of their people, and Rugova must have been revered, to judge by turnout.
One of the Irish rebel cousins of my family Countess Constance Georgina Gore-Boothe Markievicz had most of Dublin at her funeral and she was not a Head of State. She was beloved not only for fighting for a people not her's by blood but her's by ties of soul,
When a leader is really beloved, huge numbers of ordinary people of all ages turn out.
Another thing, the people who turned out were mostly older people, they can't have been in wonderful health. So what happens? Those poor old people had to stand in line for hours in the cold! I never had a high opinion of Milosevic, never,but that does not mean I think he should have a funeral so badly organized that old people are left standing out in the cold outside the Tito Museum. The party might have had some consideration for the old people!

Milosevic is not being buried next to his ancestors, he is not being given a State Funeral, and hardly anyone shows up.

CNN coverage

Viewing was in the Tito Museum
There are some decent videos here.
No Official Mourning....

What Milosevic Meant to Them: editorial


Well, very far off topic, Rush Limbaugh is now trashing my favorite Croatian American, Denis Kucinich. I am so tired of people trashing him,alright I realize he grew up in a car and is a vegetarian and hasn't been married in a long time, but damn is there something so wrong about wanting to get the U.S. out of the constant war mode? Well consider the source.

When you put up links to Spiked (or any of the associated organisations like Institute of Ideas) bear in mind that they are the current embodiment of Living Marxism/LM, who published Deichman's account of Trnopolje and tried to make out that Marshall, Williams and Vulliamy had deliberately misled the West over the reality of the camps. They are left wing "progressives" who propound some very right wing ideas in a lot of different areas. They are very articulate and capable of turning reality on its head while only giving the reader a sense of ill-defined unease.
Grew up in a car?
I'm aware they are Marxian in outlook, but it doesnt' hurt to point it out for others! Thaks Owen!
Yes Kucinich's father was often out of work, he was one of 17 kids and sometime inddeed they lived in the family car. So yeah.
That's why Denis the Menace Kucinich GETS IT about povetty though! He's been there, got the T-shirt, the commuter coffee mug, the hoodie, the poster, the buttons...
That would certainly help you understand about poverty.
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