Sunday, March 26, 2006


Good Morning! It's a Clear but Chilly Sunday in the Gulag

Al Masri Case to be Investigated by EU Parliment

Editorial on Kosovo from Deseret News
This story doesn't give a precise location, but I think it's safe to assume that bird flu is in Republika Srpska too.
Serbia Confirms Bird Flu in Domestic Fowl

Thracian Days Comemoration There are some quite nice pictures here

Alaskana Interesting because of stories of people from the Balkans and other Slavic areas and their arrival in this challenging part of America... There are many good side bar stories.

Vuk Draskovic says Mladic must be handed over

BiH Constitution to Parliment

Defense Language Institute gets now head

Arms Dump Found in Macedonia

I'm puzzled - I started to add a comment after one form John and two replies from you, had to go away and come back and now they've disappeared, message "No comment yet". Anyway maybe that's part of the same problem - I was going to say that any links before Warfare/Wireless/Macedonia don't show (same this time as well as last time). I was interested in following Stanislas Lem link. I didn't really appreciate the story itself so much (translation perhaps), but the Tarkovsky film of "Solaris" is one of my all-time greatest cinematic experiences.
ok I am going to have to check the links later, I'm sorry for any inconvenience, the system was acting up last night, we've had the weather change on us in our Gulag. I guess none of us wore our Martinitsi long enough! :)
Looks like this comment ended up under the wrong post. But I'm pretty certain I was in the right place. Ah well, all part the Internet's rich tapestry.

Thank goodness we've had a change of weather at last - finally it's starting to warm up here after soaking cold showers yesterday.
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