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Funeral of Milosevic

Video of Memorial

Milosevic buried

The coverage I had to look at became so massive that it was necessary to make a second folder just for the funeral of Slobodan Milosevic! There were 50 foreign delegations present despite the non-state nature of the funeral, and the funeral was put off until five o'clock local time, it's about five o clock local time as I write this, Blogger is acting up still. They say it's a server I'm going to believe that. My mouse is also not in the best shape it's ever been in. I have a deadline too, there's an anti war march locally, I'm bringing my camera so I can take pictures.

Mirjana Markovic definately not at the funeral

Man dies in procession

Zyuganov calls Hague criminal at memorial

Milosevic funeral Reuters

UN Jails, We should all be so lucky!

50,000 at Belgrade Funeral Ramsey Clarke went to the funeral, those in the know will recall that Ramsey Clarke was part of Milosevic's defense team and also on the team of Saddam Hussein.

Slobodna Dalmacija's Coverage

Rest of story

On NPR Sylvia Poggioli reported from the square in front of the Revolution Museum, where it was pretty noisy

Over 50 Foreign Delegations to Attend Milosevic funeral

Memorial in Belgrade

No one from Attack Party (Bulgarian Nationalists) At Slobodan Milosevic funeral

Flood Relief in Bulgaria and Corruption, no Fema isn't the only screwed up agency in the world..

Bosnians Divided Over Milosevic

She said what I said!

Sarajevan Esma Jasarevic, 57, was amused that Milosevic was to be buried under a linden tree in his hometown of Pozarevac, rather than in Belgrade's Alley of the Great.

"They are putting him under a tree, like a dog. He wanted to create Greater Serbia but ended up in his own backyard," she said.

20 busses of Bosnian Serbs went to Belgrade for the funeral, leaving at midnight local time.

I think it may be harder for Bosnian Serbs to distance themselves from Milosevic than for Serbs in Serbia.

This man covered the war basically from begining to end.
Reporter's Notebook

Bosnian Muslim views of the funeral

Thanks Mate!
Roots of Modern Serbian Agression

In Summing Up

Belgrade Blog Sums It All Up

The 'anti-funeral'

NPR reportage

Ambulances busy at the 'funeral'

They released a 199 white doves! ummmm! I see a wierdness issue here!

Eyewitness account of the burial

I learned a lot of interesting things I did not know about Milosevic in this article.

In depth article on Milosevic

This film is about military contractors, looks very interesting. The man who made this film is a Croatian-Canadian.
Shadow Company a review

He's not being buried like a dog, he's being buried under the tree where apparently he first kissed the Black Queen, with space beside him for her when she's ready to follow him.

This wonderfully sentimental notion contrasts wonderfully with the image of other people's bodies being bulldozed on from one grave to another. Shame we didn't see a few pictures of victims waved around along with the pictures of Mladic and Karadzic.
If you look at my posts, on the same day as the funeral, a mass grave was opened in Bosnia-Hercegovina, I put a link to some BBC film of that, with a suitable warning.
I did it precisely because people forget...
Sentimentality is very close to brutality, or at least my late mother always said so.
Yes, that was the only pointer I saw to that piece of news, thanks. I wonder how soon it will be before the garden grave becomes a place of pilgrimage, followed by its incorporation into the international tourist circuit.
Well putting the grave in the back yard is an excellent way of making people pay to see it, it's on private property and people who don't know any better would pay to see it.
If it were in the town cemetary it wouldn't be worth as much, but with a gated house...yeah.
Pozaravac will prosper from this little memorial..
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