Friday, March 31, 2006


Friday! :)

New Neo-Nazi threat in Serbia

The whole neo-Nazi thing in any place is so wierd adn out of place anyway.

Napolean was in the news today. 1. I learned he brought a huge number of books with him when he conquered Eygpt. 2. He'd ride into battle reading a book, if he liked a page he'd do tear a page out and pass it to the man behind him. His army was one of the best read in history. 3. Napoleon was very excited by the first giraffe in Europe.
This information was part of a review on NPR of a book called 'Zarafa' which is about the first Giraffe ever to live in Europe. Zarafa is an Arabic word btw, it means 'tall one' certainly a good name for such a beast! I have always liked girraffes, because of their beautiful colours, because of their lovely eyes and their senstive natures.
I remembered my own encounters with giraffes, because of where I grew up, these encounters were in zoos. The zoo in Albuquerque used to have a special giraffe barn where you could go up some stairs and see giraffes face to face, I was once licked by giraffe! I would suspect that this enclosure was stressful for the giraffes. They are shy and sensitive animals.
This building was torn down many years ago.
People could have given them diseases, or caused them stress. I was careful to be very quiet in there when I went to see them, but children could have cried out or screamed, hurting their sensitive ears.
I read someplace that giraffes actually will feel sad and cry proper tears, and that this is for emotional reasons. So it's probably better the special barn was torn down.
It is cold and rainy today.
i put my houseplants outside yesterday, they spent their second full night out of doors this year. I hope they enjoyed the rain!
Well today is the teach -in on the proposed new immigration law.

Lots of interesting facts about Napoleon!
I deleted Askinstoo for reprated comment spam.

Yes I found that stuff interesting too. Napolean is really not well understood.
I'm sure if those three brave women managed to cope with evrything that they've altready had thrown at them they'll shrug off those nasty little clowns without too much difficulty.
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