Friday, March 17, 2006


Finally got someway in that I could publish!

March 17 Happy Saint Patrick's Day to those of my readers of the Hibernian persuasion! Have fun and come home from it alive!

Blogger repeatedly down since yesterday. I'm really annoyed because for example an infrequently updated blog like my friend Idajevo is accessable. While neither mine nor East Ethnia is accesible. I have a visceral longing to do someone bodily harm for this state of affairs. When this situation changes I will leave this comment intact. While I'm grateful that Blogger is free, I am not happy about this spate of unavailability. My inclination ever to upgrade services at some point is now non existant.

What the Director of the Tito Museum thinks of this

Hundreds pay their last respects to Milosevic

600 troops from Germany going to Kosovo

German troops for Kosovo

NATO plans show of force in the Balkans

Milosevic Not Poisoned

Article with more information from Santa Fe New Mexican

Reuters Article with Pictures

Hey Yakima! Happy St. Patrick's Day to you too! And by golly, am I glad to find out that I was not the only one having trouble with Blogger! Only I thought it was just MY blog; I thought I had written something in one of my articles that had offended the government or something, you know, this stupid Patriot Act here! Where they allow snooping into everybody's email and bookbuying and etc. records and who knows what else! Oh that just infuriates me, that our government is fulfilling the Big Brother prophecy. It's scary. As long as you know who is in office anyway, you know.(!!!)But back to Blogger; at 3am this morning, I was up and found that I had been locked out of my blog, due to something called Http 403, Forbidden. Think of THAT!! I did not have the authorization to view my own blog! At least that's what it said. And I couldn't unless I could provide a web address or phone number that "was on the main web page" Well of course I hadn't put either one of those on the main page of my blog! You see, they made it impossible. I WAS able to get to my dashboard; but when I tried to post an article, I was told there was no file for it to go to. Man, you wanna bet Blogger was screwed up today! At our clubhouse, I finally got a message that something was wrong with the server, and an engineer had been notified and was on the way to do something about it. And apparently said engineer fixed it, because I can access my blog now. Whoopee! Praise God. I've got to thank Him. He must have had a bit to do with straightening this mess out. With empowering the engineer to do it. Oh well, I won't go into religion if you'd prefer I not. But that's just part of me, that can't be denied. I have a spirituality connection, and the Big Guy is it. But I'm not rigid, I'm very flexible. It's my nature. He knows that. Right now I'm listening to an alternative rock song that sounds like it has Indian or Middle Eastern overtones. Wild. I love it. Hoo. I think I need to rest, I am cycling back and forth today in my manic, bipolar moods. So there you are, dear Yakima. A slice of me. Hard to believe I'm 52, huh? Yeah, sometimes, I don't believe it either. But my body tells me I am, lol. Bye bye! Later.
Hello Mistress Editor! One thing to realize about the people now governing us in America, is that they all say they believe in the End Times, well if they believe in it so much why are they messing with that stuff?
I wish one of them would explain how they can justify it.
Of course there is the possiblity they WANT to be the last generation.
I think eschatology can lead to immorality instead of making people better.
I do what I do not out of desire for Paradise or fear of Hell.
I am not a whipped dog to be lured by such things.
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