Wednesday, March 22, 2006


A few stories to while away the evening hours

The Croatian government halted an Austrainian from makeinga crossing many Croats and others from former Yugoslavia died making. It is a dangerous crossing to make alone.

Aussie Adriatic Crossing Halted

Stakic used to be mayor of Prijedor, he also was once a doctor.

Stakic gets 40 years

Russia wants investigation into conditions in the Hague prison

Another thing, now the effort is on to find out what happened to millions of dollars Milosevic managed to spirti out of Yugoslavia. Tracing this money has proven to be a difficult matter.

This case upset a lot of people when it happened. Now it's about to make U.S. legal history
Update on the Sarajevo Six

Turkey Angry with Bulgaria over lack of flood warnings

--- During his appeal Stakic told judges that he never personally committed any crime.

"The truth is that crimes were committed ... however I personally did not commit a single crime, I did not order a single crime, nor did I approve or justify a single crime either then or now," he said. ---

He'll have a long time to interrogate his memory however little he seems to find there. Whatever else may go wrong with ICTY proceedings Stakic's conviction stands as one of the ICTY's most resonant achievements. The fact that Stakic has been held to account for all that went on in Prijedor and the camps is a ray of light in a dark room.
yes, 40 years is less than he deserves but by God it is something! Prjedor was a Hell-hole in his time and as a former doctor he should really have been ashamed. Makes me wonder what people got taught about medical ethics in the old day and medical objectivity...
I suppose we always need to remember that any profession is only as good as its individual members (from Shipman to Mengele, taking in the less ambitious like Crippen en route). Was a certain psychiatrist from Pale medically qualified?
Owen,in any country, a psychiatrist has to have medical training. He cannot have been unaware of what he was doing.
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