Friday, March 24, 2006


A few stories to look at over your coffee break

Senator Voinovich(R) Ohio
Yet another Dyncorp scandal
Worker injured in Kosovo brushed aside by U.S. and the U.N.
I halfway expected this and probably it needs to be enforced.
Arrest Warrent for Mirjana Markovic Reinstated

Communist Party USA Commentary on Milosevic, Yugoslavia

Norman Markowitz is a professor of history at Rutgers.

A man I didn't know about, this is an interesting article.
Fred Cuny

I've been busily clearing out old paper stuff from my house, and of course the fact I withdrew from the four B&C classes had the anticipated effect on my financial aid. So I went to start the petition for reinstatement process. If it works, I will continue on, until I have a degree, if not no biggie, I am also getting ready for the eventuality of moving for a time to either BiH or Croatia. Nice music on, it's got some Bosnian bagpipes in it, it's quite good music.
Must get back to work, my lunch break is over. I don't even know when I'll know about my school situation. I am not concerning myself too much with results. I also ran into a guy who can do my lawn, he's broke and needs the work and doesn't scare the Hell out of me.

That was a fantastic article by Shawcross about Fred Cuny - covered so many of the issues in humanitarian relief and intervention.
yes it does, I'm glad you liked it! I think this man had a very good take on how to do relief work.
He single-handedly did so much good. It's a shame he cannot be found. I hope he's not dead.
Sadly Chechnya's not a place people who disappear tend to emerge safely from. I remember the British telecoms engineers who died there in 1998.
Though Jon James and Camilla Carr were released, after some distressing experiences.
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