Thursday, March 16, 2006


Early dispatches in the Post Milosevic era

Years ago, this young couple were married, I'm sure my regular readers know who they were, a young couple, faintly nerdy, obviously nervous, and it looks like they are in love.
Yes that is Slobo and Mira Milosevic! Things went so wrong! They seem so sweet and harmless in this picture.
One never knows what will happen at all in this world.
(hvala najlipsa Connie!)

I can't find the source but some more troops are being sent to Kosovo. It seems a good idea right now.

Border Changes only in Kosovo and Montenegro



The party officials have asked any military people to wear their uniforms, and they've asked the same of retired military people. I guess they want to give it what ''state' feeling they can.

This was a heart operation.

Borislav Milosevic undergoes operation

This is an interesting take on things!

Itar Tass article

This article has a little of the history of Pozaravac.
Feelings in Pozaravac run high

Love the early Slobo pic! Great to see you sleuthing out these Balkan problems. I've finally linked to your site from mine. Keep up the good work.
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