Sunday, December 11, 2005


Further obsessive coverage of the Gotovina case....

Personally if I were hideing from authorities I think an island would be a poor selection. For one thing, it's relatively harder to escape an island if the need arizes. I suppose if one had a boat of some sort and were a decent sailor, that might be different, if one had friends there it might also be different. Apparently this is the case here. So maybe the answer to the question why a double bed in that hotel room has been ansewered? mozda...
A lot of Croats do learn Spanish at some point, there's usually at least some Spanish language programing on HRT and Spanish is closely related to the Italian language and again it's a language people from coastal regions may well learn to speak at least a few handy phrases, a lot of Dalmacijans in fact have at least some Italian ancestry. So him knowing Spanish isn't odd. Anyway they hasve busted me down to lowly earth worm over at TTLB so here I am digging up the real dirt for you!

Gotovina was in the Canaires Before

Of course coverage from Slobodna Dalmaicja continues...

Slobodna Dalmacija Front Page

Rest of the Story

Of course the search for Karadzic is on-going but it reminds me of a Nasrudin story. Nasrudin lost his key, so he went to look for it in the street, under the street lamp, and a passerby asked 'Why do you look for your keys here Nasrudin?' 'Well the light is here, and it is dark in my house, it's just easier to look here!'
Search for Karadzic

More questions are being raised about Camp Bondsteel and the possibility of a Gitmo like facility there. There is an actual picture of the inside of Camp Bondsteel. It looks like it's a cold winter down in Kosovo.
Questions about Camp Bondsteel

Look out for the planned sequals to Gotovina:

Gotovina II- Hell in the Hague


Ratko and Radovan: Brothers in Arms.

Both of them will be available in cinemas sometime in the new year
xaxaxaxax! lets do a script treatment and cash in NOW while we still can!
We could even do some video games or something
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