Monday, November 07, 2005


How I came to run the fifth largest Nation in the Balkans without even trying!

One of my favorite time wasters is this nifty game called Nation States. Bit by bit some of the older Nations in my region, the Balkans have died. I have ended up without seeking it, with a lot of power in the region. I have been useing that power for the good of the region, and of course, my Nation.
A lot of the players in this region are actually from the Balkans, some of us have ethnic ties, ancestral ties and some are just interested. I've made a few friends from all over and I like the game. Of course at whatever point I need to leave the Yakima Gulag, I probably can't play regularly and will have to allow my carefully cultivated Nation to die. That will feel very sad for me even if it's just a game.
Anyway I recomend this Region for anyone who can't get enough of the Balkans, we do have some empty map space drop me a line if you'd like to join in on the fun!

I have invented a cast of characters for my Nation, so has Annoyastan, and so have all the others, our Nations each have complex histories and places on the map which only have the vaguest relationship to actual historical facts.
People who ordinarily might not get along have been reaching out to one another and makeing friends too. That part is most cool... And no the game's not just for bored teenagers, as you can see the age range in my Region is 60 something to 13. Go ahead, check out the map, check out our Forums.

This is really cool! I like games like this. I'll go and creat my own nation.

Thanks for posting this!

Thank you for introducing me to yet another corner of the time sink that is the Internet!

Seems like it's just as possible to have a socialist Grand Duchy...
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