Friday, September 23, 2005


Sooo totally Eurotrash! I love it! there is a good accurate Romanian translation here!

This song has been floating around the Internet for some time, almost a year, in this version. I love it, the little video is done by an American guy, and he just lets go and does it and it's really cute.
This was in Radmila's site, in an account of Christmas a year ago with her family. It turns out that my son, and his internet girlfriend love this song and it's the only thing from the Balkans other than baklava that my son has much use for!

I liked your response to my post about the "private" UN company. I do agree with all the issues you had and will adress them in a future post, but....

I've got a question for you. First go and read day 103 of my blog.............

Ok, I'm asking this for reasons I have yet to understand but, jebiga!

If your'e interested I need you to "generate" an anonmous email address and post it in a comment to my blog.

I in turn will send you a question from an annonmyous email address regarding day 103 that I need your advice on.

u redu
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