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I'm putting this here in the interest of preserveing it in some form. Some of it should be updated. I realize I haven't done an Orange Revolution Update in AGES and a lot has happened, for example the fiesty Yulya Timoshenko got sacked along with the rest of the Orange Revolutionaries other than Yushenko.

rumors and news from our gulag

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***Takeing the Culture War straight to the enemy***

It's SPRING so I had to get rid of the cool picture of the 'Black Beauty' in the Snow and put in something more appropriate to the season! :) The tractor of course! I like that this one MOVES, that is SOOOOO COOOOL!

World leaders are together at grand military parade on Red Square

14:40 2005-05-09
President Bush and Kremlin leader Vladimir Putin put on their own show of bonhomie at Monday's grand military parade on Red Square, hiding political strains as they smiled and chatted like old friends.

The body language between Bush and Putin was clearly warm. When Bush and his wife, Laura, were met at Red Square by Putin and his wife, Lyudmila, the two leaders made a show of lowering their umbrellas for photographers.

This was just after Putin gave a much more restrained greeting to Ukraine's President Viktor Yushchenko, whose face is scarred by dioxin poisoning he blames on political enemies.

Putin's very public support for Yushchenko's opponent in elections late last year was widely seen as a public relations disaster for the Kremlin, particularly from the West.


Orange Revolution Update

20:01 2001-04-27
Viktor Yushchenko To Act As Premier

Viktor Yushchenko, the Ukrainian premier whom the parliament forced to resign Thursday, will be performing functions of acting head of government, the Novosti news agency quoted press secretary Alexander Martynenko of the Ukrainian president as saying.
Late on Friday, President Leonid Kuchma accepted the resignation of the Viktor Yushchenko cabinet. According to the press secretary, the head of state has instructed the cabinet to continue performing their duties until a new cabinet is formed.
Under the Ukrainian constitution, a new cabinet is to be formed within 60 days.

Visit for RIA 'Novosti' news.

So here was our president in Red Square. I feel very wierd now.

Well I gotta wonder about kids these days...

It is School Spirit Week at the Yakima Gulag People's Institution of Higher Re: Education. Guess how many people actually dressed up as aliens from other planets or zombies? 2 space aliens, (your friendly editor dressed as Princess Amidala from Star Wars, and a former Galaxy staffer Rachel Moffit dressed as an alien frome another planet.) One guy did get T.P. to look like a mummy in front of everyone, there was a cooler of sodas and a box of bags of crisps, so I got some of that. This was not well organized, and it was sad to see a WHOLE SHCOOL full of people being normal. Of course, it's possible they decided NOT to reveal that in fact they were from other planets. Rachel and I sat in the Hopeless Union Building awhile between classes, and people were pretending they didn't see us. I wanted to neuralize them!, I mean REALLY!
I could understand if everyone had a job, and had to look proffessional or something, but that is not the case, very few have even part time jobs.
No the problem is no one is paying attention, and no one has a sense of fun, even the Student Council people who thought this up didn't dress up. That is so sad.

Orange Revolution Comment From Mike: You know I kind of wondered bout Mr. Yushenko's hands.... but it seemed too easy...

there is a story about the Hodza Nasrudin which applies to this situation. Nasrudin like a lot of men right where he lived used to cross the border frequently leading a train of donkeys. The donkeys were always laden with straw, and the customs man never failed to search the donkeys and the Hodza himself at every crossing.
The Hodza was always patient with this. One day since he was getting older the Hodza Nasrudin decided to make one last crossing, and went to the customs post with his train of well laden donkeys. He spoke with the customs man and said 'Oh this is my last crossing, I am getting too old for all this travel now.' the customs man said 'well it has been nice seeing you, I'll miss you'. Nasrudin crossed and came back. The customs man on his return said 'Well, now that you are retireing, it's safe to tell me what you have been smuggleing all these years, I promise you, of all the smugglers on this frontier you are the most devious, and I am dying to know what it was you smuggled so many years under all that straw...' Nasrudin said 'I am glad you asked I was smuggleing .....'

OK fellow students, you have to fill in the blank, send an e-mail to The usual rules about I get to know your real name, and you need to choose a good fake name apply. . .

Umro Papa Ivo Pavo II Pope John Paul II has died, he died at 9:37 Rome time, it was announced on HRT, which is the Croatian state television I had that on all night. There were many documentaries about the Pope. He was a particular friend of Croatia. I feel very sad about his passing, as all must at this time.

Hvala Bog! KISA! We got RAIN, two days worth of rain and the grass is looking a little greener as a result. It is not enough but it IS a nice start. There is a snow alert in the mountains too and that is a good thing.

Big Dust Storm in Gulag!: Roads had to be closed all over the Gulag due to a serious dust storm. It was caused by a combination of volcanic ash and blowing dust from newly ploughed wheat fields. The Tribal Police on the rez basically told everyone west of Lateral A to please 1. don't go out, 2. if you'd already done that for some reason please pull off to the shoulder and wait out the storm. I can hear wind all around the house, and you can see dust in the air, it blew a branch out of my tree. Later when the wind dies down I shall have to go move the fallen branches. It's very dark from it and it smells dusty in the house. I'm glad I did all the most important washing a couple days ago. It's nasty and I don't want to go anywhere, and I'm glad I didn't and don't have to.
Laura L♥VE Concert at the People's Gulag Museum in Potemkin Village Yakima Gulag

This concert was just RIGHT ON! and exactly what us Zeks Needed to feel better! OK a couple Bush loyalists booed her song 'I Want You Gone!' but she handled it well. She simply said 'Hey I heard a couple of you boooing but know what you got 8 years you can handle 45 minutes!' and smiled. She boogied and her band boogied and rocked. They made a lot of jokes having to do with color because Laura Love herself is a mixed race person, and her band is about as white as they get. I really liked the jokes. There was the Booty Song too, that was funny. Especially the Surf Music bit. (usput, I wonder how many people realize that the true inventers of Surf Music are the Armenians? A people who lived originally VERY far away from beaches and the surf) Anyway, the other stuff was Apalachian. She did a cool bit with her own song, called 'You Ain't Got No Easter Clothes' She did a good story of how that song originated, and how she felt like renting a Hummer and a loudspeaker and driving to the houses of her childhood tormenters, named by the way... and saying 'You ain't got no book deal!' I liked it. I think lots of people have been there. The drumer was excellent, and the guitarist just blew me away. I liked Ms. Todd too, and her jokes about Swedes.
They got kids up to yodel too. Loved it, she can come back anytime. It was good to see Dan too, and his new dog. His dogs always like me. He's blind so his dogs are on the job and I can't like go pet them, it's kind of not done. So I looked at the dog in a way to let him know that under other circumstances I'd pet him.
Anyway all around a good concert.
Incidentally, Laura Love took some strange effort at satire on Kapitalist Idiot Transmitter. There was an interview of her on Dan's show and she said what she thinks of our Vodja BezBojan. Anyway, ever eager to curry favor with, Vodja Bezbojan, they tried by playing clips of this interview and playing a sample of a best forgotten 70s? song 'Lady Don't Hurt Me!' to make fun of her. Since the joke was too abstruse, none of us 'garlic eatting, treehugging, in your face liberals' GOT the joke. It sounded ridiculous.

Which reminds me, yet another reason I'm grateful to Mr. Bill besides the fact of teaching Applied Mathematics so entertainingly and effectively, he keeps me from hearing the noonday broadcast of propaganda, oh did I say THAT? umm I mean NEWS and I missed that one. I realize that they can't handle anything to the left of Rush Limbaugh but damn!
Anyway a lot of zeks went home with happy ears.That's what matters.
OK HUGE ORANGE REVOLUTION UPDATE: Those of you who have been listening to NPR, Science Correspondant Dave Kestenbaum reported that a couuple of American doctors have been helping treat Yushenko for the dioxin poisoning. According to the report, they went secretly to see him in Ukraine during his campaign for the presidency of Ukraine.
The more I think about him, the way that the Kremlin and the way that Yushenko's opponants conducted themselves guarenteed Yushenko's vicory. It was so heavy handed that even if Yushenko had nothing to offer, well he still would have won because the interference and bad conduct was so severe no people that was not hopelessly slavish and supine could have tolerated it. Ukrainian people are many things but supine and slavish are NOT on the list of their national characteristics!
Those interested in further information should go to and click on Morning Edition for March 11,2005.
OK for you Kultur vulturs, here we go, the Moonlight Room was GOOD! Go see it! it was well acted and intense and it takes GUTS to do a play in the Black Box because the audience is VERY close to the actors. The theme was modern and the acting and use of the situation was clever, very clever. I think it's great there are plays to go to anyway, and when they are good and well acted, it's all the more reason to go. You know you need to see more plays! c'mon you know you want to!

I am really annoyed that I can't make the linx work from here. Go to blogspot and see my other blog, YakimaGulagLiteraryGazett, be forwarned, it is the Not Safe For Work version of this site. Here we just tweak things a little, in a nice way, that sight really yanks the lion's tail sometimes. just so you know.
For report on the Figuratively Speaking Auction Please click on Kultur link. Thank you

OK Narodi! This is it, I have supplied a good picture of Mr. Yushenko and given everyone time to figure it out, and no one has actually contacted samizdat about this so now since you guys are either ...
1. not very observant
2. not coming here
3. too lazy to send in a comment

HERE IT IS JUST FOR YOU! look at the face, then look at the hands.
There is a difference. Does Mr. Yushenko not have the most beautiful hands for a man?
Dioxin should have hit the whole body. ANYTHING that was wrong with him should have affected as well his hands.

for your convenience you don't even have to scroll how's that for service eej?
OK I am going to give it three more days, if no one responds to say if they observed anything unusual about Mr Yushenko, I will reveal my personal observations. I just want to see who is *Paying Attention* razumjes? dobra!

OK U SKWAREZ! no one has contacted the paper to mention the interesting observation about Mr. Yushenko's photograph which appears on this page. I'm really annoyed with you skwarez not contributeing. I know you read this, so what is the problem?

OK the Poetry Slam was alright, here is from the other site maintained by samizdat.

Saturday, February 12, 2005
Poetry Slam and the Editor's Birthday
Well the Poetry Slam was very well attended both in terms of audience numbera AND performers. Most read really good work. About three people were not ready for prime time in my opinion but got into the top ten.
I liked the poems of the people who won. The Winner was a Ms. Vanessa Alvisio of Toppenish gulag. She can rhym on the fly and that is really good if you can do it well, further she can in two languages, Spanish her first language and English. She is a very cute lady too, and I liked how real she was about her life!
runner up Wendy Warren read, behind the exterior of a mild mannered reporter lurks a WILDWOMAN! I had no idea her sex life was so interesting!
the other runner up, Mark Burns had some very clever work, and it was enjoyable.
I would have liked to at least be in the Top Ten, but know what? at least I like who won, and had a nice evening out.

A few people read very good stuff, Kim Roberts, Linda Brown,her poem about the socks was cool. and Randy Gottlieb read wonderful stuff, same goes for the always worth reading and hearing Keely Murphy.

The Black Box was mobbed! people were sitting on the floor.

Here are my suggestions for improvements of the experience....
1. Could the Judges picked at random please be given the rules in front of all of us?
2. They can then go to the room where they deliberate, and be given a time-limit.

I think these minor changes would be improvements to the event.
The other thing is a venue like the new Chartwells location would be nice since there are numerous comfy chairs. Perhaps this would make it possible to have coffee and snacks available. That last is just a thought. The event is growing which should please poetry lovers everywhere in our Gulag.

communal yak farm yakima gulag
Perhaps more open reading situations such as other slams would be a good thing too. In easily accesable locations, would be a nice thing. There are a hell of of lot of good writers stranded in this gulag for one reason or another.

***This Just In! ***
fire in an agricultural chemical warehouse in Grandview, a place which is south of our Gulag, has necessitated evacuation, both in place and by removal. 'Basically if you can smell anything you should get out' authorities say. It's still burning. They don't know what all is in there, and are afraid of making matters worse by pouring water on it. It's in the Wilbur-Ellis warehouse. This is near to at least one primary school, and lots of private homes. a portion of highway has had to be closed. not a good thing.

OK further Orange Revolution UPDATE:
Notice anything about Mr. Yushenko's hands vs his face? Just curious to see if others can see this.

Mr Yushenko definately looks very dignified, but I just want to see if anyone else notices what I have made note of. Please use 'kontakt papir' link and appraise me of your observations if indeeed you have made note of the thing which I notice.

Yulija Timoshenko, a highly interesting figure...

This is Yulija Timoshenko, she's an interesting person. Putin does not like her, neither do those wierdos at Freerepublic, interesting set of people who dislike her.
She called Yushenko's defeated oponent 'A red haired cockroach' I like her simply for creative use of invective. Not to mention she's pretty. What worries me is she's quite rich, I understand worth $11 million. Aside from that, what's not to like?
She is someone the Kremlin can't control and she's someone that can't be controlled by other interests. This is going to be damned interesting.

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