Saturday, September 24, 2005


Notes from here and there, just totally random thoughts.

My friend G.R. sent me this in an e-mail that he was forwarded.

President Bush was asked today for his position regarding Roe versus Wade.

His response: "I don't care how people get out of New Orleans."

Random triviality but kind of cute:
My son works for a major company as a dispatcher. He loves his job and they love how he does it.
Yesterday he had to call to confirm delivery of services to a customer, and the customer answered the phone with a heavily accented "NO ENGLISH!"

Because I have spent time in the Balkans and because of my guy being a Bosnian Croat guy who doesn't speak much English, my son has a fair ear for when people may come from someplace in the Balkans.

Besides the name inded in was Somethingorother ovic, so he called the company's translator service, and they first said 'We'll try the Russian guy' The Russian guy got the same response but of course could discern from accent and name 'Very probably this lady is a Serbian lady' and he got a Serbian translator and they were able to set a time when an English speaking member of the family would be in to answer questions from the repair person.

In our gulag there are going to be some anti-war demonstrations. I will be going to one of them. There is no point shopping as the places we most need to shop are going to be difficult to shop in because they are also fair shuttl service parking areas. I don't need the agro, my son doesn't need the agro so homework becons! Back later to post fair pictures.

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