Friday, September 23, 2005


Just got in from the fair..

Tomorrow I should have some pictures for your edification of the fair in our humble gulag. I had a very good time. I was supposed to have met friends, but they didn't show, meaning I needed to call my daughter and son-in-law to bum a ride.

It used to be there was shuttle bus service each night of the fair, now that's only on weekends! :( That is going to make me cut back on my fair going for sure!
I went with my daughter and the grand-babies, we missed witnessing the birth of a tiny little Holstein calf by mere moments.

We looked at goats, pigs, Logan loved the little pigs, and petted one sleepy pig on the ear, he love animals. I have noticed that he shares my interest even in insects. I entertained him really well once by showing them the fine art of watching ants. Keirna isn't as interested in insects, but she loves horses, dogs, cats and cows.

I went to see Williams and Ree, the Indian and the White Guy, they are so funny and have a fan base in the Gulag. They were very funny, I wanted to meet them and shake their hands. the line was so damn long and I needed to get home. So I just bought the CD, hey $10 and you need laughs in this life

They took no prisoners and made fun of everyone and everything that I detest right at this moment. OK they skewered a few of my sacred cows but that's fine, they barbequed them really really well!

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