Sunday, September 18, 2005


Just for Radmilla, Sari fabric!

Oh, beauty!
Don't get me on a sari kick!
I'll have to photograph all the sari fabric I have stacked up in my sewing closet!
I just bought something totally awesome today, it is a skirt and a scarf of the type used in Rajastan, no blouse, but it's a shade of brown that should be easy to find a match for, I can make a blouse to go with. A friend of mine in the student book store had it, her friend wanted to sell it, and I offered $40 and since it was within the low end, yes the very low end of a reasonable price for such an item, she let me have it. I did say, if she feels disappointed on the price let me know and I am willing to pay some more. She said no it was fine, she knows that I am a student and sometimes very broke.
I know what I will wear the day I land again in Sarajevo! ako Bog daj!

This piece shown is my own work.
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