Sunday, September 25, 2005


It's not just flooding in America...

The situation started gradually to get back to normal after the fourth flood for this year. There is no drinking water in the town of Shabla, the sewerage system in the town has been destroyed, the people who remained homeless were put in several clubs. Some 200 people remained homeless from the village of Dalgo Pole. There are 200 flooded houses in Stambolovo and some of them could collapse any minute. There are also 200 flooded houses in the villages around the town of Lovech.
There are also 648 flooded houses in Veliko Tarnovo region. The most of the flooded houses are in the municipalities of Veliko Tarnovo, Pavlikeni and Zlatarica.
There is a crisis situation announced in the municipalities of elin Pelin and Svoge in Sofia region, in Velingrad, Pazardjik region, in Stamboliiski, Plovdiv region and in the regions of Kremikovtzi and Novi Iskar in Sofia region.
The last floods also caused landslides and destroyed roads, agricultural lands have again been flooded.

IF you want the original you have to go there quickly as the FEN service tends to take stuff down quickly, but they have had serious flooding in Bulgaria, Romania and other Balkans nations pretty much since July. In some areas the water has been made un-drinkable. They a lot of snow in the winter, so flooding wasn't exactly unforeseeable. It's very hard on the governments of these small countries when that hapens.

Yes, but these small countries get also small publicity, although s flood is a flood wherever you live, and whoever you are...
true on both counts. I did notice the way people build is meant to help prevent problems in the event of flooding.
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