Friday, September 16, 2005


Happy Independance Day to my Mexican Readers!

Today is Mexican Independance Day, there is a lot that Americans owe to Mexican people especially now. Among the first to come to the aid of the victimes of Hurricane Katrina was the Mexican Army, which crossed into the U.S. with fresh food, cooks and mobile kitchens. They helped us in WWII, the Mexican Air Force. One of their number was a family friend when I was a kid in Guanajuato, and I had the privelege of meeting some of them at the Yakima Air Fair, good guys all of them.
I lived in Guanajuato GTO, the Cradle of Mexican Independance, the Boston of Mexico, so it was normal to go to Dolores Hidalgo for 'El Grito' and to see fireworks.
People of the Balkans love the Mexican people, they don't know much about Mexicans or Mexican culture, but they love Mexican music still. I gave Mexican friends of mine burn CDs of some of the music on Yu Mex and they loved it because they saw the respect that went into this adoption of their music.
The Balkans Mexico connection is actually pretty substantial, Croats came to Mexico with Maximillian who was a well intentioned Hapsburg. I know wierd to say that, but he was one of the few Hapsburgs who had any scrap of decency. He tried, but the problem was he wasn't Mexican and Mexican people have a BIG thing in common with us Norteamericanos, they HATE foreign rule.
Anyway I hope everyone has a good independance day!
Viva Mexico hijos de la chingada!

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