Sunday, September 25, 2005


Anti-war demonstrations in the Yakima Gulag

The time of the fair seems an unusual time for anyone here to have a demonstration against the war in Iraq, but there was a seris of small demonstrations, mostly placed on bus routs, so that fair goers who used the shuttle service could get to the fair would see them. It was the usual crowd, the morning one which I didn't go to was 30 people. Positive response was greater than negative response, yes we got some one fingered salutes and one fat old guy hollered 'Support the troops!' at us repeatedly' A couple of us hollered back 'ENLIST ALREADY!" He was a man who maybe wasn't that fat for this gulag, it seems there is a high level of obesity here, but he would have been in serious trouble after five m ilitary pushups, and five flutter kicks! They might have to get out the AED if he tried that!
Why is it always the fat slobs who are so damn warlike? jebiga bilokako!
I think even here, the people are starting to realize that the war is a mistake, and we should get out as soon as possible.
it's tiresome how the right wing talk shows like to go on and on about the necessity of this war. I have several friends who are right wing. Some of thenm are like that because their parents were Democrats and they must have continued on with their adolescent rebellion. Some just refuse to see that the war was not on the correct basis. Things are not at all as advertized. I'm not saying that certain among the troops haven't done good things. I'm not saying our guys there are all torturers but once in awhile I see something cringeworthy like this,

or this,

or how about this?
We had a strange and shaggy dude come up with a very expensive camera. It looked too expensive for someone like him to own. He seemed bent on getting film of our demo. I didn't care for this, and he aroused the suspicions of others present. I remained calm, it's not the first time I've been filmed at a demo, and I doubt very much it's going to be the last time either. I'm getting really sick of reading accounts of things like

because it makes me think of guys like Milosevic, and I don't want my country to be like that. Listen, at least with the Serbs, at one time they were fighting invaders on their soil. The Ottoman Empire, which was in their country. They did not invade the Ottoman Empire, they did not try to take over Turkey, they simply tried to get the Ottoman Empire out of their country. There is justification for that. It of course got different later when the fight was against fellow Slavs of the Muslim faith. That got to be a whole 'nother thing as we say here in 'Merika, but at the begining, and for a long time it could be classed as an heroic struggle. I can respect that. I can dig it, and not only that, some of my ancestors were involved in the same fight, but it is different to in the name of fighting terror to seek weak excuses to go into another country and bomb the crap out of them, not just lately but really for a period of years.
The fact is that Muslims should just stay out of the West in general, except for those places they've been a long time like Bosnia-Hercegovina, or Chechnya or a few other such places,

and Chistians should stay out of the Middle East except for places they have always been like Israel-Palestine, Syria, Iraq and other places where there is a long standing presence.

It makes sense to simply leave that part of the world alone and they leave our part of the world alone. Too few people from either side know how to cross that bridge and not cause chaos. I like to think I'm one of those people who can cross the bridge, but I'm a very unusual person. Most people don't have the necessary education on either side. They shouldn't have to! Most people really have enought to do just to live their lives. War is no contribution to just liveing life!
Has terrorism really stopped? Have gas prices gone down? NO and I can tell you women are NOT better off in Iraq or Afghanistan than before our invasions. In fact they may be worse off.
Look in most societies women are not all that well off, even in the West. Women do have a lot of responsibility and have to do things like raise children and keep a household going. Men don't always help. The only thing that makes men and women get along in life is love. Love can soften many blows in life, but when life is disrupted continually by war and disaster,(and it seems war and disaster do go together most of the time)then it's not possible to have a normal family life where there will be love. IT's kind of a vicious cycle. Generation after generation of men go to war, to come home, make the lives of their families difficult because they have problems due to haveing been at war. Then their sons follow them into the same thing and the women and children suffer. That is universal. It's a lot worse when you are the ones that got invaded.
I do believe people have the right to defend themselves when invaded on their own soil, but the bombing of both Afghanistan and Iraq might be compared to say dureing the 1980s and 1970s the IRA commited various acts of terror in Ebgland, and even an attack on a British base in Germany, the British response was NOT to bomb the Republic of Ireland! The British tried to work with the Republic of Ireland to control the problem and hopefully solve it. I'm not saying that in those times the British didnt' do some very brutal things, includeing torture, but they did realize there were lines they should not cross in dealing with the rest of the world. A lot of Americans contributed to the IRA, Some Americans even joined it! Did the British bomb us? NO, they tried to get their side of the story out and to discourage support. I think the U.S. could learn something here!

Just a note here, I am really sick to death of how hard it is to link stuff in Blogger! I have been at this over an hour, and want to kill someone now! jebiga!
I also am really sick of how their FAQs don't really tell how to do anything! they should all really get their damn act together like NOW. It would NOT kill them to get their act together so that posting would get easier. I did the same thing, linked some stuff just an hour or two ago, didn't do anything different either. This happens too much in my online life and I hate that.

just to make them available until i can make this thing work here they are. I really would rather not have to fight with this every time I turn around.

rom Metafilter

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I'll try to hyperlink the lot later, sometimes these things happen one day and not the next. sorry please blame blogger. If someone knows how to get their attention when something isn't working please let me know, I've tried in the past with no results.

I am haveing serious problems doing links with blogger this time, my other things went ok and I didn't do anything different now i'm really angry about it, all I can say is go to Metafilter there is some damn interesting stuff on the firm called Blackwater, and on the 82nd Airborne, will some little American girl have to look at video of what her father did in the war and then go catatonic or are as a country are we going to stop doing this stuff? After over 2 hours wasted fighting with the way the links work or don't in Blogger I'm takeing a rest, I saved them for future reference and will send them to anyone who wants them if they like.
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