Wednesday, September 28, 2005


And now for news of fresh disasters....

This collapsed building is not the result of warfare, or earthquake, but of flooding and high waves.

Politics: 23 September 2005, Friday.

Citizens of the Bulgarian municipality of Shabla were forced to leave their homes after waves, with a height ranging from two to four meters, hit the area late on Thursday.

A state of emergency was declared in the region, which saw pouring rain of more than 230 liters per square meter overnight.

The water level near the village of Vaklino has been hovering around warning levels for more than two hours already, its swell fed by the rains in neighboring Romania, Shabla mayor told a local radio Friday morning.

The battering waves were breaking over bridges, cars, houses and arable land. No casualties were reported.

The town of Shabla is located 80 kilometers north of the Black Sea capital of the country Varna and just five kilometers from the cape of the same name on the sea coast.

A state of emergency is still in force in the municipalities of Elin Pelin and Svoge in the district of Sofia, the town of Velingrad, district of Pazardzhik, Stambolijski, district of Plovdiv and the regions of Kremikovtsi and Novi Iskar.

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