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What if I told you guys he was not going far enough?

Friday August 26, 06:45 PM

Wanted: completely perfect legs...

BUDAPEST (Reuters) - The mayor of one Budapest district wants female City Hall staff to wear miniskirts only if they have "completely perfect legs" and the skirts are no shorter than 2-3 centimetres (about 1 inch) above the knee.

Gabor Mitynan, a conservative who runs the wealthy 12th district, also wants male employees to wear blazers in summer, and told the Website ( the dress code was needed because he had seen staff dressed like beggars or vacationers.

Mitynan also dislikes crop tops -- popular in Budapest -- saying "few women have well-trained bellies worth showing to people" and wants the city to legislate on stocking thickness, proposing 5-10 denier for summer, 15 for spring and autumn and 20 for winter.

Mitynan is a rarity in Budapest's 23 mostly liberal and socialist districts, so his proposals stand almost no chance of being passed by the city assembly. Liberal Budapest Mayor Gabor Demszky described the proposals as "crass," according to the state news agency MTI.
From my point of view the Western manner of dress long ago departed from a Christian way of dress, this happened in the era of WWI.
Stockings btw are too hot for summer wear. Here's the dirty secret, if you wear a skirt that is cotton and goes to your ankles and wear a slip, you are both covered AND cooler because you don't need stockings, you just need underwear and the other plus is if it's a draw string skirt, minor weight losses and gains are less of a problem.
Actually I find myself wishing women would when they are immodest at least bother to make themselves pretty. So often they don't even bother to make it look good.
I hate those crop tops and mini skirts and short jeans that don't go up to the belly button the whole thing looks slutty. Then women wonder why men don't respect them! ooooooooj
And men don't have a huge job to look mildly dignified. Just wearing a decent shirt and pants that aren't too tight works and lately in America I've noticed some guys pants tend to slip when they bend giveing an unwholesome display of their behinds. That is really getting old. I don't want to see but cleavage in either sex. it's ugly. It's such an easy fix too, there's really no excuse.
It needent be expensive to look a little dignified and to be modest.
A lot of business attire for women these days really isn't that modest. I hate to see women's business attire it's so mannish and often has too short a skirt. If I had to wear business attire, I'd find a really good tailor and have him make me one wor two decent suits for work a year.
I'd make sure there was some sort of pockets too. I think the worst thing of all about women's business attire is no damn pockets. I have things down to the minimum, since I wear very little makeup and don't carry lots of odds and ends for doing my hair. My hair is long but it's in a simple braid or bun most of the time. Most of the extraneous things i need are in a money belt type thing.
Unless I'm traveling or at school or shopping, I go for a hands free look, no purses, no brief case.
I figure that one isn't really liberated as a woman if one is attracting pointless stares from all men, and one isn't liberated as a woman if one must always carry endles piles of stuff.
Backt to stockings, they are a terrible rip off, they run too easily. The best way around this, (I have a daughter who went through a mini skirts and stockings phase,)is to get those ice skateing tights, they come in colors similar to nylons, put them in the freezer 24 hours before first wearing them, and then they will hold up longer. They look good and give your legs some support too. In winter they are warmer. I still don't advise them for summer wear though.
I don't normally wear nylons as it's not needed when you wear long skirts, but in winter if I worked in an office I did, so as not to be too hot at work.
Unfortunately the store that sold them here left the region, except for a mail order office. That was Pennys.

Poor Gabor won't have his way, but I agree with him.
If there is no dress code, many people come to work looking like they were dragged through a bush backwards, or like they are going to a club.
I've sent girls home for wearing low cut tops, showing their thongs or for platform shoes that are not practical when you are working with children.
I remind them that they are working, not picking up men.
There doesn't seem to be a happy medium for many younger women. Many either look like they're going to the laundremat or to take their place on a street corner rather than employees of schools or offices.
This brings up another thing, some stupid fad like platforms comes up and next thing you know, there are NO other shoes in the shops! j***! I had that happen in Chcago. It was so bad that I saw there Black American Muslims who were wearing those shoes! I would Not cave. I resorted to wearing my old boots from New Mexico everywhere, because my flats fell apart and I wasn't going to wear heels or platforms because I have poor eyesight you don't want me on stairs and it seems like Chcago is the place for stairs and other annoying things liek that.
AnyhowI think that even Amefican buisness attire lacks both moddesty and comfort when it comes to what women wear. It's all highly annoying for no good reason. Mytheory is that patrt of the problem is the social breakdown in the Western world, and part of it is the fact that fashion design is in the hands of men of a type that neither like nor understand women or even the physical compfort of women. Thongs for example are highly impractical as a type o9f underwear. I remember something of that type being used in the old days for quite another purpose! If I were a man it would not turn me on!
I see women wearing things that aretastelsess even in church and it really upsets me that they ahven gotten ahold of enough Christian docrrine to realize taht modesty is part of Christianity! Chaldean Christians and really old school Catholics and I know Orthodox Christian And old fashioned Jewish people understand this, but a lot of American Christians of asssorted eenominations don't get it.
Fashion has gradually 'dictated' less and less dignified and modest dress for women. All this slutttishness in the anme of being 'liberated' and 'free' women disgusts me.
It's interesting that you would say that "fashion has gradually 'dictated' less and less dignified and modest dress for women. All this slutttishness in the anme of being 'liberated' and 'free' women disgusts me."
I once heard a young moslem woman interviewed and she stated that it was she that was liberated, because she did not have to compete with other women in fashion. That she didn't have to be a slave to the fashion industry. And I thought that this was very correct. While North American women dress provocatively in the name of liberation, they are in fact slaves to fashion and coporate driven and dictated expectations. It's actually women who follow the dress code of modesty that are the liberated ones.
I find it hilarious that the fashion industry, for example shoes...severely pointy was in for two years...what's coming this fall? The complete opposite. Round toed shoes. I have shoes that I have only worn once that are as of September, officially out of style.
I have some mildly pointy flats that are black suede that I love! I"ll wear them until they don't work any more, because they go with endless outfits. They go with Indian and Western dress bothy.
That was on e point of contention early in my relation with my fiance. He didn't like how I dress because I guess in BiH I could be mistaken at a distance for Muslim! So I took to wearing saris more. That way I was properly covered AND fell outside anyone's pre concieved notions. A lot of times I use saris as work attire because it's easy to make them look businesslike, if you pick the right sort. Soemthing plain with an embroidered border or a rel nice print one. Of course NOT the glitsy sorts with sequins and stuff. Those are for partis. Since I'm a student, saris are actually a bit impractical, they catch on things if you move fast and if I'm on campus a lot, I'm moveing fat on a regular basis. Also if I'm very busy.
I do think that some extrem Muslims carry things too far, especially people who wear face veils and such. Wierdly enough, did you know that face veils may be originally a Jewish thing? the wives of the Pharisees wore them!
I forget where I read that one, I was doing a paper on veiling for a sociology class back years ago.
I think anothter thing to, have you noticed all those ads for Viagra? D'uh who hasn't?
Very young men are haveing the sort of trouble that leads them to want this product.
I think that no one is researching or even considering the effects on men of haveing to supress their normal, natrual reactions to provacatively dressed women for perhaps years on end, and then when they are in a situation where haveing sex is o.k. they can't do it. IThey need a pill to help them with a natural function! I think that is in a way a situation hostile to men!
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