Friday, August 12, 2005


Peggy Keller's Funeral

I will have pictures as soon as they are available to me. I didn't take my own camera, someone else from Tefh Services had one and I took pictures for him.
The service was beautiful, and sad, as it must be when someone is taken from us prematurely, especially when it's a really good person.
I had a whole long post I had written and the damn router went all wonky and lost my post. I hate that shit!
Peggy Keller is the reason YVCC even has decent tech services and decent instruction in IT. She got the ball rolling..
I'll have more tomorrow. I'm tired trying to get this ting in order, we had a black blizzard here today. My son got a big chunk of dirt in his eye. It's probably what knocked out the router. *cues up the Carnivale jokes* turns on old Pete Seeger records*
If my mom were alive she'd say this is where she came in!

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