Tuesday, August 23, 2005


I got the Yahoo thing to work finally!

Well this morning I'm listening to a really jerked messed up broadcast from NPR, the transmission is annoyingly broken up and that is so crazy makeing. The local commercial station has been haveing so much bs about how people who go to church regularly support the government in the war on terror more.
I mean talk about your basic NON ISSUE. This is a typical style over substance rap. This station has gotten more annoying over time.
I don't feel great about NPR either, because they pretty much have been bought by WalMart.
I don't care how many begathons NPR and PBS hold, there is no way that normal people even in huge numbers can compete with that. It reminds me of the cartoon 'Fat Freddie's Cat' long ago where a bob cat has Fat Freddie's Cat treed and Fat Freddie's Cat is telling a lady cat, 'Um I don't wanna compete with your other boyfriends!'

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