Thursday, July 14, 2005


Wierdness on a local level...

Yesterday my son came home and told me that he was going to get gass at a local gas franchise, Maid O'Clover, and the place on South 5th Ave was closed at an hour they would normally be open. The big steel doors were down, AND wierder yet, there was yellow caution tape on the gas pumps!
So far, I've had the local news station on despite the fact that the local announcers basically piss me off and make me want to bitch slap them both on a regular basis, and the fact I don't care for Rush Limbaugh or Mike Savage.
This station isn't just right wing, they are right wing in an inflamatory manner. They are everything they accuse the liberals of and are a laundry for empty minds. So I listen to them only for local news.
They have been the only station to provide local news on any regular basis, of things like power failures, high winds, tornados, volcanic eruptions, flods, and earthquakes. So if somehting is going on, I put them on despite the slimyness because there are times you MUST have local news.
There has been nothing on the local station about this business with 'Maido'
I read the local newspaper, regularly and so far nothing there either. Now closeing a store that early, and putting caution tape usually means something kind of serious, and I want to know and my son wants to know.
Of course I could be in a flap for nothing, I mean it's totally possible that the place was sold. Yellow caution tape isn't just about crime scenes anymore.
It comes in several types. Caution, Caution Police Line, and in the Balkans the ever popular 'Paze Mine' to name just a few.
so who knows?
I'm just very curious at this point.

OK update time, the Maid O'Clover stors went bankrupt, which I knew about, and were sold, again I knew about that, but what I didn't know is that the stores were closed by the new owners who laid off all the nice people who worked at these little convenience stores! :(
I used to stop in there on my way places and get like some juice or a coffee, and my son was a very regular customer, as he bought most of his gas there, and Red Hots. That was where to get them. All those Davis High Students who made the 'Maido run' into a fine art form, like my son's friend Weasle who left class in plain view of the teacher without permission returning with a LARGE Maido milkshake! Or the time my daughter went out the window to get somthing at Maido and returned with her purchase by window, or all the other funny Maido stories, all gone, forever!

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