Tuesday, July 19, 2005


Well in the morning I take the last math test,!

7 am tomorrow I take a math test, the last one of this class, and then my math requirement is behind me, I actually have gotten halfway good at this stuff! That is cool! Today was rough though I had 60 problems to work, and was basically at it from during class until about 8:10 in the evening until it was all done, Dimensional Analysis for Meds and had to do the problem, fill in where the medication would be in pictures of syringes. I didn't use a marker, I have some quite nice art pencils I used instead. They are erasable, so it helps. I was sooo glad to get that done, I did take the abreviations test today and I'm giveing each teacher a pencil I hacked so that it has a means for secureing it to your pocket, and an eraser. This is really better.
so now I'm embroidering a denim shirt with roses.
I guess it's probably smarter than other things I might be doing now. It's comeing out well too. I'll get a picture of it up when it's done.
I need to line up my fall classes now too. and then I'm going to go see my daughter and the grand kids. I'm going to try out the new bus that goes to her town. I've wanted there to be a bus out there for AGES! :)

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