Tuesday, July 26, 2005


Web Cam Mostar

I love looking at the bridge, I look at it at wierd times. Sometimes it is crowded with people, sometimes empty, one time I looked at it at 1:30 am local time and saw two young lovers kissing, this was shortly after it was reopened, once I saw a man go there with a broom and sweep, at 5:00 in the morning local time. He didn't look like a city employee of some sort,just some guy looking after the bridge. The gallery is nice, it has large still views, anyway it's enjoyable, and not hard to use if you don't happen to read Bosnian. Just click on the thumbnails and there you go!

AMAZING! I spent nearly an hour looking at the feed from the camera. Is it really a live feed 24/7? I think that's really amazing!

Thanks, I've added this link to my favorites and will visit daily.

Yes it is a live 24/7/365 feed! I love it, I've gone there since shortly before the bridge opened. Did you get my explanantion of vinjak?
Yea, I got the exlanation of vinjak, thanks!

I like the Mostar link. I watch it often.

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