Friday, July 15, 2005


Volcano again

Today there was at around 5:am a 3. somthing or other earthquake at Mt. St. Helens. No eruption, but the dome is getting bigger and if it does blow that will contribute to general messyness.
It's been very hot, and my fan is dead, there hasn't been time to go fan shopping. I have to have a new fan soon, or homework will become very difficult to say the lest.
I am very close to done with this class, and actually know what I'm doing, Thank you Mr. Bill, Dungeon Dweller, Ria and Maria! and Shiela, who made it possible for me to even be good enough to be in Mr. Bills class! I will never forget any of you! love you all!
Balkans related update, the explosives used in the terrorist attack on London now are alleged to have been 'home made' That story has changed back and forth a couple times in the course of reporting on the investigation.

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