Sunday, July 31, 2005


Today purely SUCKED!!!!

Today and yesterday both purely sucked, about 3 pm or so, my son discovered that our INternet connection was down. Fine, called tech support and they helped fix it, except I could not log on! Well I refuse to live in the States and NOT have the Internet. I'm simply not haveing enough fun here to manage without it!
There must be some kind of federal law about it, if you have a computer problem that requieres backing up data as this one did, no matter how damn careful you are, some of it is going bye-bye for ever. In this case it was my assorted linx. Nema problema. My son showed me a great site that I am going to use so my linx will be backed up off someplace besides my computer. on the up side none of my pictures got lost. I've saved pictures that came from sites that have gone away forever. Since some of it is hard to obtain Balkans information this is important! Not only that, it sorts it for you by tags which is great for me I purely HATE fileing!
The downside is all that vampire stuff I looked up for the guy that does the lawn has to be searched out again. A good bit of it does cross reference with some of my other resesarch and thank God a lot of my most vital research is in my research for my book and was sucessfully saved. Some of this included complex geneological research, not easily retraced. All's well that ends well.
For the record it wasn't a software problem, it was an ethernet card that was rasjebao. Thank God that's all fixed.
My son is who fixed it btw. We'd already called out for pizza, since we had to go get the ether card we did some other shopping, and that's done.
I was going to tell you all about the cute box elder bug that has adopted my computer corner and the hijinx she was up to, but I'm tired, maybe tomorrow.

Yet again another commonality. I was scared to death thinking my blog was deleted tonight as I tried to add my latest post.

For some reason my template setting page wont show properly and I can't add any more links. I contacted "Blogger" but they have yet to respond to any of my questions regarding blog problems.

Lucky though my blog is up and running and I can't find a problem other than my latest link will not open but will open if clicked on in the post uder day 72.

Back-up, Back-up, Back-up, is my motto! I've lost thousands of words from my book because of simply relying on my computer to save them.

I've got floppy as well as CDroms with all my words now.

Can't wait to get finished with this thing.

Tell your son I said hi, by the way!

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