Friday, July 01, 2005


Justice Sandra Day-O'Conner to retire

I slept a little late and woke up to this news. This means the President will have a chance to nominate someone to teh Supreme Court.
Most people in the U.S. expected that the next new justice to retire might be Rehnquist, the Chief Justice as he's been very ill and is 80 years old.
One sad detaail of this is Justice Sandra Day-O'Conner's husband has been ill and he's been in her chambers dureing his work day. That is because he is not able to be alone dureing her work day. There is something very touching that she doesn't leave his care to others but has arranged things to be close to him and to care for him hersaelf as much as possible.
She was the first woman to be a Justice.
She's been considered a conservative justice.
She was born in El Paso, Texas but she and her husband lived in Arizona, so she's a fellow westerner.
Because the Supreme Court is so important, because what it does has such a profound effect on the United States law and society, I can only hope her replacement is at least as competant.

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