Friday, July 08, 2005


Just got in from Grants...

While it SuX that Grants no longer is downtown where it's easy for me to get there and back on foot if need be, the new venue in the basement of an old cold storage is actually better for music than the old venue.
I no complain
The bands this year were really less 'folky' and more 'rocky' which was ok in the case of the second two bands BroKin Road which I heard at the local 4th of July thing, was good and I liked them, but I really came to see 1169 because the lead singer is a friend of mine. She's like been in Spanish with me forever and she's just cool, plus I've heard their band lot of times anyway and like them, especially their songs 'Draw the Line' 'Gingerbread House' and 'Turn Out the Light'.
Cathy was all stressed out and I think it helped to know that many friends of the band were there. The other woman singer is also good, and despite the abscence of some members of the band, they turned out a terrific performance. So now I'm looking forward to tomorrow, and hearing the other music. The lineup isn't as outrageously good as other years but it's not a total loss, Gan Ainm are back and they haven't been here in some years and Heidi Mueller who is fantastic is going to be there, and Cleopatra's Veil who do cabaret style belly danceing. Personally I don't care for the cabaret style but at least they do it well and select nice music, they also do know the correct way to door floor work, ie, 'give the orchestra the good view!' hehe if you know what I mean and I think you do! All in all not a bad night's entertainment. I dragged one of my insurance friends out and ran into two school friends from the winter quarter math class with Mr. Bill.
I wish that Grants hadn't been out of Lembeck, I was totally looking forward to some Lembeck! oh well, I just had a nice Reisling and even if I'm old enough to think $5 is a bit steep for a glass of wine, they at least poured a damn glass of wine, as in it wasn't a cheap shot. It wasn't as crazy as the night Paper Vampyres played which was fine with me. Folkies are a calmer lot by and large.

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