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Is it just me or does anyone else find this disgusting?

I think the fact that war criminals get all this 'help' when nothing is done for the victims of these massacres is disgusting and contemptible.
I also think the ICTY is a sick joke for another reason, if I went out and killed someone in a horrible manner, or even in a not so horrible manner, the death penalty would be on the table. There are not that many states in the U.S. that don't have death penalty. For someone to be responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths and not face hanging or electrocution or even lethal injection, well that pisses me off.
It reminds me of Vikram, the lover of the Bandit Queen when he said 'Kill one man and they will hang you, kill 20 men and they will worship you as a goddess!'
This is all too true.
I also think often of the girl who saw on the famous Srebenica video, what her tata did dureing the war, and who hasn't spoken since.She knows what her father did and so does the whole world. That has to be very painful. Talk about the sins of the fathers being visited on the children'!
I think it would be good for anyone to contemplate carefully if their deeds were on film and their children saw it, how would their children take it, still
since the fear of Hell and the love of God doesn't seem to work anymore, I wonder if these people would feel shame if their deeds on film reduced their children to speechlessness?
I want all the terrorists in the world to have to face this question too. I'm not restricting this to any particular type of rotten human being.

Thank you for your comment! I really put a lot into my blog and it feels good to get a comment like that.

Yes, I do find the subject of this post on your blog disgusting! Are you aware that each war criminal's family is receiving 400 km a month for being behind bars? That's what the U.S. Military Intelligence told me when I was trying to negotiate the surrender of a war criminal from Bratunac and Srebrenica. I was told to pass this on to him as part of the "deal" if he turned himself in.

You have a nice blog yourself!

Thanks again.
thanks for your comment and yes I was aware of this. I am also aware that 400KM a month will keep you nicely not brilliantly but nicely in most parts of BiH, and that many Bosnians do not have that much money. It's an average month's rent for a good flat in Sarajevo, but if you already had a flat or a home then it's more than enough to take care of bills, food, basic stuff.There are other groups kicking in to the support of war criminal's families besides the U.S. too. Some have for example, JNA pensions. Then there's the matter of the earnings from other criminal enterprises many war criminals have too!
Since my first trip to BiH in 1998, I have been learning the history, as far as is possible. The thing that is most annoying is that what the Muslims may have been ethnically BEFORE conversion to Islam is such a huge deal. It shouldn't be, they aren't exactly 'un-converting' as it's proved to be a workable way of life for them. I think a lot of this is an attempt to hijack history to the political ends of whoever is writing the history. A case in point was the change of the flag from the Kotramanic arms, to the current one.
I have read countless Serbian written arguments that the Kotramanic family were Serbs, but it was Bosnian Serbs who most objected to the original flag!
I know it seems trivial in the light of other issues, but it's interesting how this issue works as it illustrates how things work over there in a way.
Bosnians generally ought to take a lesson from how this was resolved, they had a perfectly nice flag that really reflected their remarkable national history and was distinctive and now they've got a flag that looks like the flag of some stupid banana republic. I remember the first time I saw it over the customs post crossing in by bus and I remember feeling a visceral reaction to the sight of the new flag, it was like a slap in the face. It was as if I had come back to the U.S. and found some wacky new thing instead of the Stars and Stripes!
Thanks for your generous comments. I found your blog because of Skelly, it turnes out he used to live here in the gulag too!
I didn't even know he'd linked here, and went to his blog, then saw his link to yours.
I want to take this moment to thank you for your service in BiH.
I used to be strictly anti interventionist before the war in BiH,the intervention in Bosnia left me originally with mixed feelings. My first trip there showed me that sometimes the U.S. HAS to intervene, that sometimes there really isn't much choice.
The sucess of this has been largely because of the soldiers who went, because of what sort of people they have been individually.
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