Friday, July 08, 2005


Earlier today on PBSBiH

I looked at the film of the people who made the march to commemorate the eascape of the very few men who escaped the masaacre at Srebenica. It was a very touching thing. I realized some of these guys must have been really young at the time they made the first and more terrible march. There was an interview with one of the Women of Srebenica too. It brought back such sad memories to think of them. I know even ten years can't erase such horrible memories from the people who survived, all one can do is pray for their lives to be better now.
PBSBiH has a link so that you can listen to Dnevnik the news show and they have Global which is a news magazine kind of show. It's good that this is available online.
Well I better call it a night. Finished off the chapter in my math before I went out I need to do the next one, at least get a good start on it before the weekend is up.

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