Thursday, July 28, 2005


And Far From the Balkans...The IRA dumps arms!

This may not mean much to other people in the Balkans blogoshere, but it means a lot to me, the Provisional IRA has ordered all units to cease from all armed actions and ti looks very much like they are going to do the decommissioning thing.
I hope and pray this doesn't cause a split in the organization as the ceasfire did. I also hope that in fact weapons will be destroyed so they don't wind up on the open market again. Both eventualities would be terrible.
I also hope it means that any criminal activities the IRA did to raise funds will now end. It's long over due.
I was very heartened to see this news. Incidentally it got coverage in the Balkans I saw a story about it on PBSBiH!
The other thing that is notable is this years monsoons in India have been rather more devastateing than usual. People really need to move further inland. I think being close to the ocean contributes heavily to the yearly toll.
There are parts of the world where you must build VERY strongly or build with grass. India is one of those places, Florida is another, and so is California.
It's been very damned hot in the Yakima Gulag. We are under a lot of drought cautions, and on top of that, a county wide burn ban. I got up to turn off some of the sprinklers for the guy that does my lawn and barely made it down the stairs because I felt faint. I only ate twice today. A cinnemon roll this morning and some TasteeBite yellow dal. I was too hot to eat. well if that makes me lose some weight, that's ok. I don't want to go anyplace in this damned heat.
it's still hot at 10 pm. I'm going to see if opening the door again helps now.
Take care dear readers, keep on visiting, get me back up to 'Flippery Fish'! I'm back down to 'Slimy Mollusc'!

I was actually suprised by the IRA's announcment. I'll be honest, I don't know much about them other than news stories I've read about here and there.

I'd like to think they recognize the fact that this new global war on terror has something to do with it.

I'm sorry for the heat you are experiencing and hope you get some relief fast.

I'm sorry I haven't visited your blog as much as you have mine, I've been busy lately trying find a new job. I hate my current employer with a passion but am caught between the locals not wanting me to leave and my fight against the "corrupt" Americans I work for.

Have a good day,
I'm not really that surprised, I've followed the news from Northern Ireland a long time. It was really a matter of when not if.
THe IRA are complete gentlemen compared to the terrorists of today!
I think even your average English person would say so. Most of the time they gave a warning, they tried really hard not to kill civilians.
That said, they degenerated over the years and I think some of the older leaders didn't care for how things changed.
Knowing when to quit is a good thing.
No real relief from this heat.
Some of theose contractor places are not at all nice!
There was a terrible scandal about one of them a year ago or so.
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